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Wow! SOG Force Survival Knife Review – Best Survival Knife Under $100?


  1. Good review! Once can easily cut off the velcro from the refining strap and have a snap installed.

  2. Thanks for the great knife reviews David. I like how you are methodical and concise in your reviews, unlike most of the knife reviews on youtube. I agree on your perceived short-comings of this knife, although I think this knife is my #1 pick at this point. Keep up the good work!

  3. It is a nice knife but, I wouldn't say THE BEST. I guess it depends on the person. Personally I prefer an ESEE or Ontario Ranger Falcon. But that's just me. And don't forger the TOPS line of knives.

  4. Is this knife waterproof?

  5. I will definately put this into a BOB

  6. I want it so bad :3

  7. If you haven't already, please look into a review the SOG SEAL Pup with a tactical Nylon Sheath, it's pretty good from some other reviews I've heard, but  I have wanted your opinion on it and will start looking to see if you have a review up on it! :)

  8. You guys make the best reviews, I really appreciate all of the effort you put forth, keep up the great work!  This review was super helpful!

  9. Jeremy Clarkson

    579zł na CQB. Trochę sporo. Trzeba by sprowadzać :)

  10. I had the SEAL Elite, but sold it and got a SEAL Pup. The SEAL team knives are way too big.

  11. SEE????????

  12. Trung Hieu Tran

    Is this knife made in U.S.A.?

  13. I like the knife but that steel, I dont know. I prefer my Schf9. It has a good length and a comfortable handle. I have used it and been beating it up for 6 months now…only had to sharpen once so far. With some practice, doing normal woodcraft/bush craft tasks, becomes easy. The sheath is OK but you can make or have a custom made for less $ from the right person. Schrade also has an excellent warranty and customer service. Schrade's cost less but are built with high quality,IMO.

  14. Jämí Häutzinger

    I liked your review of this knife, however, I prefer a bk9 , for those who don't know this knife, it's reviews are awesome.
    as a citizen of Alaska, survival is key too everyday life here. The Ka Bar becker line is one of the best line of knives, I have seen. My personal choice is the BK9.
    I urge you too look at this as an all around survival knife. Oh, yes it's heavy, but in our changing climates, and never knowing the changing situations from hour too hour, I prefer a somewhat heavier knife for all work. I got mine from Amazon for about $80 with shipping. hey keep up the reviews, it's nice too watch, an form real world opinions.

  15. Michael Kinney (The Kentucky Rebel)

    are you going to be looking at the new SOG tack backpack, I just got one and it seems to be pretty nice, I would like to see your review on it

  16. to me I have "the seal team elite" blade so I am happy with that new blade design but I think they missed the ticket,
    1. the backend of the blade they should have left it flat and not made it a point.
    2. and this is the big one, they needed to "CHANGE THAT STEEL".

    that blade could have been a homerun if they did that.

  17. Laban Martin-Lowe


  18. Over priced!

  19. cant stand serrated knives.  

  20. found this knife at walmart for $45

  21. This seems like more of a knife for the battlefield, rather than for outdoor survival.

  22. It is 50-55 spring steel. You can find out what type of steel it is by looking online, Amazon is the best.

  23. Did you try the survival model with the saw on t h e flint stick?

  24. Hi there actually thats not a knife in common sense its a bajonet for the Aug 77 its made mainly for stabbing. As i did national service in the austrian army it was fobidden to sharp that "knife" because once u did it held the edge sharp for a long time and some recruits just hurt themself with it 🙂 for the fire striking part i modified the top of the edge near the handle now its sharp enough to strike sparks from the "flint". And about the black coating on it watch out what happens if it has contact with sharp alcohol 🙂 u can just rub it away. Always keep it coated with vaseline or special oil if not it will rust almost immediatly. Nice channel btw. Greetings from Austria

  25. God of Thunder (UKKONEN)

    the tang only goes about 1 inch into the handle 

  26. I have used this same knife and like it a lot … I don't love it like my Kabar , but it is an exceptional combat knife and has been carried by Special Forces / Particularly Navy Seals . The guard geometry aids in blade orientation in a combat capacity . The steel is the equivalent to AUS 8 – A . You can remove the butt cap and there is a hollow space . The tang does not extend to the butt cap . I rarely baton – I use an axe and use a small length of hacksaw blade with a ferro rod .These are very good blades and worth the 30 – 50 bucks one can expect to pay . Your review was fair and honest .
    Thanks for an excellent video .

  27. Guns - Shooting - Ammo - Police & Military Tactics & Training, Preppers, Survivalist
  28. This sweety is the standard knife of the austrian army. nice and long for combat situations but also suited for bushcraft purposes, great knife!

  29. Mayor Fuglycool

    Out of the box, the Glock knife is not really all that sharp.
    If you put a nice edge on it, it works like a charm ! When I reviewed this knife, it was a fun experience.
    Good review !

    Mayor Fuglycool

  30. I've asked this question of several self-proclaimed survival experts. To date I've not gotten a reasonable answer. Your turn, hero: Why would any reasonable person risk breaking their knife to baton wood? What is it you think your knife does that fire won't? BTW, there's a tool made, and has been for centuries, specifically designed to process wood. It's called an AXE.

    One more question: My knee will process the branch you cut. Why should I expend the energy you did to cut it?

    You don't spend much time in the back country, do you?

  31. RobWhittlestone

    Hi Brian – Seeing your video inspired me to correct one of the weaknesses of the Glock Field Knife – the plastic cap at the end means no hammering and no glassbreaking. So I added a sturdy metal end with which one could break glass or hammer a nail in. 
    I videoed the process – have a look, it's here:
    All the best, Rob

  32. My dad used this knife during his military service and he said for climbing and mountain stuff it is a dream knife.

  33. Marian Reichhold

    This knife is the "Feldmesser" of the austrian army. Made in austria is high quality.
    Nice video

  34. RobWhittlestone

    Hi – I like the channel! Subscribed! Good review – I also have a 78 and it sharpens up really well – worth doing. I added a lanyard to the scabbard and it now doesn't wobble around when I'm walking. I didn't try batonning but it's good to know it works!
    The knife and sheath are currently on the side MOLLE of my rucksack. 
    Best, Rob

  35. If I were going to another planet I would bring the Glock 78 field knife as my blade,and the AK-47(AKM) as my rifle.

  36. Mr E (channel)

    Why everybody use a knife for cut wood or trees? use the right tool, knifes are for cut and stab, machetes for chop and axes for cut down wood. Teach to the people the right tool get a hatchet!

  37. Glock knives are d2 tool steel.

  38. Great video. Though I'd rather have an oratorio sp1. Same size, 1095 steel, American made, comfortable handle, and stea still only $35 street price.

  39. Jonathan Hinteramskogler (Jona00x)

    Its made of glock spring steel And it hast s bottle opener on top

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