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Winchester Bowie Knife Review

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  1. Does it have a belt loop to put in on your pants?

  2. Midian Doncaster

    fucking lucky Americans, the only one i could find in Australia is 50 dollars 

  3. Cliff Yablonski

    Not a Buck, but for under 20 dollars it's hard to beat. 
    Nothing wrong with a Big Cheap Knife that you don't care about abusing or losing on a camping trip. 
    I got a Buck Frontiersman that is too nice to use so it sits in my sock drawer. 
    The Winchester is a big working knife for a few dollars that you can actually use.

  4. Paid 14.95 for mine. good knife overall.

  5. All Winchester items are made in America just saying I should know 

  6. If you know how to use a knife it will last … Long

  7. I got that exact one an I could've shaved with it

  8. Was gonna buy a kabar or tops but o bought this last minutes bef9re a trip :l

  9. 20 dollars mine broke on a piece of old wood!

  10. when i got mine my edge was sharp enough to shave with

  11. so is the handle made of plastic or what?

  12. Howudooinralph

    Hello friend, I owe you a debt of gratitude over here because I was just about to click on this exact knife and spend the 20 bucks. You saved me time and a waste of my hard earned money……I THANK YOU ….


    bought one from walmart about 2 years ago, and its the primary knife in my bugout bag. ive put it through hell and its still kicking. definitely worth the 20 bucks.

  14. I bought mine for like 25 at a hardware store and I cut through paper like it wasn't even there and the reason why the hand guard is on there loosely is because it needs room to move if its too tight it will take too much of the raw power and it will eventually ruin the hand guard but because its loose it has room to move so its not taking as much of the power I have seen that on all blades from $20 to $200

  15. Kris Fahnstrom

    I gotta say I bought mine cause a friend had one and it was and still is a great knife. Came sharp enough to shave and I keep it that way. The handle of mine is wood and I paid 21$ for it. One of the best knives I own currently. I have seen the interior and its full tang down to the lanyard hole at the end of the handle. I've seen this knife thrown into and through a 2×4 passing out the back of the board by half a inch… 9/10 in my opinion…..

  16. I have a review on an 8" Winchester Bowie knife. Channel: beastplayer66

  17. The reason I am here is because I got it for a gift and wanted to see what people thought about it. It was in a shrink fit plastic container with another, smaller knife. Both came with a sheath. The smaller one is perhaps 3/4 size of this one, exactly the same shape, just smaller. I had no complaints about the edge right out of the box. I couldn't shave with it, but then again I have a razor for that. It's no where near my Cold Steel Bowie, but that was $120. I would rate this a 5 out of 10.

  18. I bought mine for $1.50 and its in mint condition I just needed to sharpen it

  19. orbitaldropshockspa1

    I'd prefer this in the case of a knife fight.

  20. For the handle the best thing to do is ignore the finger grips and wrap it in twine to fill them up. It gives you a better grip also.

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