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Video Review: KA-BAR Fighting/Utility Serrated Knife

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  1. Just a few corrections, blood grooves do not exist. That groove is a fuller designed to lighten the blade without sacrificing strength like an I beam in the structure. And it is not a "survival" knife, survival knives do not exist since that would mean it was a task specific knife, the serrations are there to cut tough materials that the plain edge has trouble with when it dulls like rope, carpet, and other materials. I don't wish to be rude or offensive my only intention is to inform.

  2. One thing I like about Ka bar is it's made in the USA, yay!!!

  3. I own one of these, awsome knife, all I can say, I never had any problems with mine.

  4. The "groove" is called a "fuller". It is there to strengthen the blade. Thanks for the review.

  5. @TheWeeklyRepository Oh absolutely!

  6. TheWeeklyRepository

    Everyone who collects knives Must have one of these.

  7. @monster6243 The serrations on this blade are different than conventional serrations, not being pointy bumps but rounded, razor sharp hills. This way you can have a smoother slice or even a nice saw type thing. If you want a survival utility, rather than a combat, go with the serrations. If not, straight edge.

  8. @TheSuperS0ldier Glad you like it, and thank you! My video review for my Cold Steel Spartan is coming soon too, i have the unblocking out, but I used my iPod to record instead, which was a bad idea.

  9. Nikolaj Christiansen

    Very nice 😀 finaly someone with a good camera =) nice knife 😀 love it

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