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Titanium Tactical Dog Tag Neck Knife Review

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  1. Stiletto's Edged Hunting, Fishing, Camping, Tactical, & EDC Tools & Weapons Page

    Nice…  :)

  2. are you shitting me.

  3. Wear it while I'm in school. And if asked its a tribal wear.

  4. Jonathan Simon

    stupid concept

  5. That website is so expensive -_-

  6. Can you still purchase this model?

  7. WackoKillerDan

    @ToAstYNaChO Wow that's only $4 apart. Quit being cheap.

  8. Did you see his second version of this one? I personally think he made some major improvements on it. Search our videos for "dog tag" and it will show up. Any thoughts on version 2?

  9. @ToAstYNaChO
    $4.10 at Alexmaxbiz
    $5.17 at hotdealshop
    $5.35 at monstronix
    $5.58 at foxholegear
    $5.69 at endlesssuplies

    I hope I helped 🙂

    Btw you check prices of anything at google product search 🙂

  10. @Hrcoprco Where?! i can only find them for 9 bucks… i wish i could find them for 5 bucks…

  11. Karen or Burke Anderson

    terrable desighn…fail

  12. ahh the dog tag, the way american "elite" marks their dogs.

  13. It not too expensive?
    55$ for this. Are you joking?
    Aren't you ashamed to even say "it's not too expensive", like it's really affordable for only 55$?
    If it was 5-10 bucks I would be thinking to get it or not,
    for 55$ I can get 10 spyderco bugs.

  14. Is the blade chisel ground?

  15. i was like ehhhh no thx… then i saw it folds open, very cool!!!

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