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Timber Rattler,western outlaw bowie knife

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  1. Like the review. Like I said in another review,that monster of a blade is more like a hatchet bowie than a regular bowie knife. Reminds me of the Rambo machete. Take care now.

  2. It's a fucking knife review. NOT An episode of "Duel Survival". Get over it. If you don't like my Knife reviews DONT WATCH THEM. I went into the forest to use my new knife with my family. I was like: I will review this knife. I will share my thoughts on YouTube. Now I gotta be smart assed over background noises which have NOTHING to do with anything. I'm not selling you anything. I don't want anything from you. It just a KNIFE REVIEW! 

  3. Great heavy duty Bowie knife ! 

  4. great review Joe. 

  5. Or anyone with a frickin brain could go on BudK and read the spec's for themselves! May you want me to sharpen it for you too. Do you need yer bum bum diapered also. ? Lol

  6. There's NO KIDS PLAYING. THERES NO CARS. ridiculous. 

  7. This was not a review. You kept saying the same thing, "its fun, bud k, 30 dollars, its fun, $29, bud k, its fun"  You might want to go over some specs and maybe be a little bit more informative! 


  8. Suckle MyKnuckle

    for 20 bucks you cant afford not to buy this knife, its a cheap steel, but its a big enough piece of steel that its actually pretty tough and usable, very big heavy knife, not for little girls, i would liken it to what i imagine a roman short sword was like

  9. Nice blade !

  10. Coach Rollie Workouts - Fat X 101

    I recently picked one up from Amazon for about $20. Great review. I totally agree. I sharpened mine a bit. For the price, it's a pretty good deal. 

  11. I got mine for $20. Not the lowest price but still, pretty cheap for a Bowie. I got mine at 

  12. i'm getting this knife!

  13. Take a SMALL DRILL BIT…………..right in that corner above the TIP of the sheath and drill ONE clean hole in the leather and add black paracord………(STAY AWAY FROM THE EDGES!!!)……………Leg Tie down—DONE!! Mine works great!
    ……………………. HEY!!!!!!!!!…………………………
    There's a MOUSE inside your camera eatin' a CRACKER!!!LOL…………………….

  14. Just ordered it for $19.00

  15. Not sure this knife is 3 pounds… A katana is 3 pounds. No way this knife is as heavy as a sword.

  16. There was a Sasquatch in them there woods I tell ya

  17. You must be hearing things. There are NO CARS. where would they drive the trees are barely two feet apart. 

  18. Great video just tell the camera guy to take the mic away from his mouth lol!

  19. No. Mine was fairly sharp. Not razor sharp. But OK sharp. If you buy the small work sharp" belt sander knife sharpener it should fix it right up. About 70 bucks on Ebay

  20. Did yours come blunt edge wise

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