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Testing the Schrade SCHF9 survival knife

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  1. Stieno BanDieno

    I'm thinking about buying this knife for survivaling…
    I'm a knife noob though. So I have a couple of questions
    How to sharp the knife correctly?
    How to maintain the knife?

  2. I love to pound tang!

  3. 5:54 wow mate call of the knife

  4. Guillermo Perez

    Lol 6:33 people walking in the back

  5. Elliot Parkhouse

    Im using mine for chopping and it works excellent!

  6. I love these testing videos. 

  7. I think it's a great knife for taking a beating like that, I mean I know for certain there's a lot of knives made in China and such that can't go five minutes in those conditions without losing a handle, good wood work though,

  8. I like your choice of background music on this one, Skall.

  9. Still a better love story than twilight

  10. @ 3.62 random hitchhiker's

  11. Savage Insight

    I really like your music choice for this.

        I know this is a knife test. I know its an emergency situation. With that said, in the early parts or if I'm somewhere low in easy access to food, I wouldn't expend so much energy on one thing like this.

       Curious to see what comes next :)

  12. Skall, don't chop with the knife like that, it's super dangerous and inefficient. Try placing the knife against the surface of the wood then strike the knife with a baton. You'll find you can remove more material at a fast rate, with less effort, and in a much safer fashion. 🙂 

  13. Colton Fleming

    I forgot one thing, also with how to fix the tip of a blade to make it sharp again

  14. Colton Fleming

    I've a request, Skallagrim, Um, if you would, I would like to see a sword and knife sharpening video from you, using a kitchen steel, a whetstone, and a grinder or something along those lines, I want to know how to get blades razor sharp, I'm able to do pretty well with a kitchen steel, but I still would like to see a video like that if you will, and thank you for all your awesome videos :)

  15. Chop with a hatchet.
    Ideas: S. Djärv Hantverk, Gransfors

  16. revolverrodger

    Hey sweedish get a mora !

  17. Way to beat up a knife!!! Good solid testing, looking forward to the review.

  18. +Skallagrim
    You seem to review a lot of Schrade knifes recently. Is there a reason for that? Are these really appealing in terms of priece point or do you like the brand or something like that?

  19. yay more schrade :D

  20. You should try the SChf10

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