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Spartan Blades – Spartan-Harsey Model 1 LE Review

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  1. Dude a bear or any size would rape you if you had a knife… Even a machete. You're a moron lol

  2. Okuden makes a good sheath..10-16-13..

  3. It sounds like you have one that is sold by Chris Reeve, his company is from Idaho and Mr. Harsey designs for him as well.

  4. First of all nice review! Secondly a question: I bought a knife while I was in america back in 2011. I still don't know which knife it acctually is, but i absolutely love it. It says Harsey i think and made in Idaho -USA. If you wanna help me, i provide some pictures.

  5. Perfectly!

  6. LunchableMeatloaf

    How well does the sheath hold the blade?

  7. shipped in a good, hearty, 45 cent cardboard box that everyone uses, including 10dollar knockoffs. I'd expect more from a 4-500 dollar blade.

  8. Exactly… maintenance. LOL… ball glove 🙂 Hundreds of years ago, thermoplastic didn't exist or they surely woulda been smart enough to use it then too.

  9. Dick Les Cheney

    That's why I'd use my CARBON STEEL Randall. Can you read??
    The F'ing S30V Spartan will snap easily too….Leather sheaths will work fine with simple maintenance, they damn sure have for hundreds of years & continue to do so. When Okuden makes a Ball glove let me know! BTW, I bought engraved Dwayne Puckett for my FSH.

  10. Yeah, when ya don't take care of it. Mink oil does wonders.

  11. …proven to rot and crack.

  12. Out in "real world" environmental exposure, your leather sheath will eventually rot , crack and fall apart. Kydex sheathes, particularly this one made by Okuden, will last as long as the knife. By the way try using your Chris Reeves knife in a prying situation, they're brittle and the steel will snap/break easily. LOL, thank you very much 🙂

  13. The kydex sheath is made by a separate company called Okuden. They make sheathes for military and law enforcement members. Okuden sheathes are as good as they get ! They are thoroughly drop tested before they leave their factory.

  14. Thanks.

  15. No it is not.

  16. Is the top swedge sharpened?

  17. @TheMechAlchemist They are s30v???

  18. @NINJAstudioz Thanks for watching and the comments.

  19. Give that beautiful little thing a sawback and that might just be Rambo's best friend. Not even 2 seconds into the video, I almost mistook that knife to be a Yarborough. Nice review, Spartan Blades are not cheap nor are they inexpensive for special and obvious reasons.

  20. TheMechAlchemist

    wish they used crucible's s30v would have sold me

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