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Spartan Ares AMFAW Knife review

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  1. How do you think it will handle utility tasks?
    I'm after a new deployment blade and it's a toss up between this and the Horkos. 

  2. Glad you like it bro!

  3. Yep when I`m working with any handgun I tend to push the group to the left(or pull it I should say)

  4. I am right handed but Left eye dominate. So I shot left handed with the exception of the pistol. Typically with the pistol I shot left of the target so I have to remind myself to use Kentucky windage and aim to the right of the target!

  5. Sir, I always advised all my Marines to purchase "Good Gear". We know that in combat your gear will safe your life. Like you said, you get what you paid for! Great Vid Ted and Semper Fi!

  6. Yup, I`m a lefty. But, I`m right eye dominate so I shoot right handed. Glad you like the review. I`ve got another one In the works. Should be up later tonite or in the am.

  7. Beautiful piece there, Ted. I'm glad you did a tabletop on it. That S35VN is a heck of a knife steel. Supposed to keep the edge forever, also!
    Oh, and didn't realize you were a lefty! (Don't you shoot right handed?)

  8. AMFAW, Bro

  9. Thanks magnum!

  10. Thanks buddy!

  11. Without a doubt!! It`s a little pricey for a grunt to run out and buy, but, If I could have put my hands on it as a young private It would have never left my side.

  12. nice blade bro

  13. I really like the curve. Would you recommend this knife for your main fighting knife?

  14. I love Spartan blades. It's quality, American and beautiful knives. I want the Aries and CBQ for work

  15. Great presentation!!!!

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