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SOG Seal Pup Review A SOG AllStar fighting and survival knife

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  1. DrakeDragonheart

    I'm just mad that there isn't a straight edged option. And that they just released a newer version, the SEAL Strike…

  2. Yeah the Seal Pup Elite is defenetly worth it, it's just slightly larger and more jumping on the spine of the blade, but very comfortable hold's your hand right in, like I said I lite baton with mine and it makes great featherstick's too, for a tactical knife, I use mine in the bush, if you guys are going to use it like I do, make sure you get the nylon sheath with the pouch.

  3. I have the newer Seal Pup Elite. It's in AUS8 too, I never cared about the AUS8, but what S.O.G. does with their Cryo Tempering is pretty good stuff, I also got the S.O.G. Trident 2.o a beautiful smaller version of a copy of the S.O.G. Knives of the Vietnam era, anyhow both knives like you said hold their edge, I like the Cryo a little better then what some knife company do with their Sub-Zero Quench, maybe it's just my imagination, but I do like both my knibes, especially my Trident 2.0, both my Trident and my Seal Pup Elite are tactical looking knives, but to my surprise I use them when I go into the bush especially my Seal Pup Elite the difference between my Elite and the regular Seal Pup is the Elite has more jumping on the blade and I think it's just a little bigger, but again what S.O.G. does with their Cryo Tempering for the price your getting a knife that holds a pretty good edge, Thanx for the reminder.

  4. I like mine! I shot some footage almost a month ago doing some testing so hopefully I will do the video sometime in the next two weeks. Great job and congrats on 5K subs!!!!

  5. Everybody should have one .I keep one handy in my truck :)))

  6. i want this knife  🙂
    see you

  7. Nice! Thanks for the look/info

  8. SoldierTactical2011

    Nice knife!!! Is it legal in commiefornia??? J/k I wonder if its a better pick up then schrade schf9 or schf10..looks really nice!!! Nice review!!

  9. can it be a EDC in CA

  10. The Mosin Nagant Channel

    Very nice knife bro. I might have to check it out. Thanks up bro 

  11. The Mosin Nagant Channel

    SOG Seal Pup Review A SOG AllStar fighting and su…:

  12. The original winchester bowie!

  13. as soon as my shop is finished i will send you one of my knives. and no favors asked honest review is what i would be after

  14. Good looking knife!

  15. TheDelawarePatriot

    Sweet blade.

  16. TheDelawarePatriot

    Tis a handsome blade indeed sire! As you mentioned, that SOG SEAL PUP has been around for quite a few years now, I've heard nothing but good things. I've always wanted one but never have got one for whatever reason… cool vid!

  17. I was fortunate enough to win won of these knives in a giveaway and it's been a good knife

  18. NewMexicoShooter

    Really want one of these! Great review…

  19. good review!

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