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Revelation Lighted Hunting Knife – Failed


  1. The battery plug was stripped before my husband took his batterty packet out of the package. It was a birthday present and no receipt to take his back. :(

  2. Excellent review!

  3. snowboardking2345

    ehh im still gonna get it haha

  4. Because some game you have to hunt at night

  5. Yep, sure did 🙂

  6. Im everywhere, haha Fred kicks ass, THIS fred, not annoying fred with the stupid voice thing that kids watch 😉

  7. Did you end up returning it to walmart?

  8. Hey Jeff, I never knew you watched this channel!

  9. HighDesertTactical

    In the retail industry a lot of companies use what they call the "WOW factor" They will fill any label, package, or box with over the top redundant information. It's a long time tactic used to convince the customer that they are getting more for there buck. I could go on and on and on about it. Corporate retail and manufacturing gets on my nerves a lot! It's most cause I'm around it 5 days a week. Still your videos are always great to watch!

  10. Good Video. From my point of view was good gen'l purpose hunting knife, sharp, descent handle & ok sheath; I liked the look of it~ little pricey at $35, but not bad. The light was weak, & like you showed the screw cap for the battery channel was junk. The light really looked like it was not bright enough for cutting, skinning, game processing at night/dark. Why not dress/process the game in daylight? It was a better knife than flashlight. A knife is a knife & a flashlight is a flashlight. LOL.

  11. In other words it's not military grade and more like a gadget. They'll have to fix that somehow. Great review as always, Fred! 😉

  12. You actually saved other people's 37 bucks or whatever – cos' you spent it first. Kind soul – and we appreciate it 🙂 Thanks. As a matter of fact I would watch you review a broken old tire and still find it interesting.

  13. I wonder if that ABS reference on the blade is about the type of plastic handle. Nice review fred!

  14. ooo nice a new blade 🙂

  15. Take it back… Not worth $36.00…

  16. Great review, once again! 😛 😀

  17. Now we just need a knife with an attached bayonet and the list of useless inventions will be complete.

  18. if you have a metal bolt turn in ti with a scroebdriver on plastic to tight you turn in to the plastic hole become to big.knife from germany had 1 light don t if it ahh packed evrything in.its chinses keep low price you gotta sacrefice

  19. Weizenale silver

    The SOG is 81.00 on amazon and had 9cr18mov steel to let ya know…

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