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Resident Evil 3: Nemesis (GameCube) Review

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  1. RE2, RE3 and Code Veronica X for the GC are semi-rare, so they're understandably a bit pricey. The PAL version go for even more, about 40 €. All the classics are amazing and none of the newer ones come close to them. The series has forgotten that RE was supposed to be series of action adventure games with horror. Even the newer Revelation games feel more like RE4, though they are decent games by themselves. I want the adventure and puzzles back.

  2. I always told my friends Jill only went to the RPD to pick up her severance pay but what went wrong is tha Nemesis thought "severance pay" was a euphemism!

  3. Why didn't Capcom develop advanced remakes of RE2 and RE3 like they did with RE1? Don't get me wrong; these games are still great no matter what, but they would've been phenomenal if Capcom would've shown them the love they showed RE1. As much as I still love the original PSOne version of RE1, the Gamecube remake was leaps and bounds better.

  4. It's true that running from Nemesis can work, but if you kick his ass you can get some good weapons and a lot of health.

  5. old games are soooo much better than new ones

  6. This is not a direct port from the PS1. The backgrounds look much better because they are at a much higher resolution but most importantly, the geometry is actual 3D here, as on the PS1 is only Pseudo 3D.
        In simple terms, all PS1 games have the problem of flickering polygons, is like they jump all over, well it is because they are rendered by a 2D CPU on the PS1.
    Is a tiny bit complicated, but the thing is that the Gamecube version is almost a different game because of this and the backgrounds of course.

  7. I have this game on my vita. Bought it for six dollars.

  8. This game is well worth 20 dollars. Comparing a 15 year old game to the present gen games is unfair and stupid. Just because a game has 64 bit graphics doesnt mean its dated and surely doesnt mean its not worth your money. Nintendo DS games dont have great graphics but no one says that those games are dated. There is no such thing as a dated game. A GREAT GAME IS A GREAT GAME NO MATTER WHAT YEAR IT WAS MADE

  9. RE 2 and 3 on the gamecube have become pretty rare. they go for a pretty penny at my local retro game store

  10. 😀

    Nemesis: One of us is in deep trouble Planted Brad's face

  11. back then I didn't even notice the things that people bitch about now. great game

  12. zack wattenbarger

    re 3 is still my favorite lol i hate 2 and 4 and 6 the only good thing about 6 is mercmode and that is thanks to re 3

  13. Pretty good game. It was rather different than the 1st two in the series.I was not very much of a fan back then, but now i apreciate more the changes they made for this third game. Nemesis was cool. Imo it gives up tension and fear in favour of action a bit too much. It was the begining of the end xp.
    Code Veronica was a disaster trying to mimic classic RE with 3D graphics, so i guess they decided to go all 3D action from that point. And since it worked out commercially for them, they had no reason to go back to old school RE style.

  14. Love the review, I wish that they would port this to 3DS.

  15. TheClosetWriter100

    You've earned a new subscriber. :)

  16. some guy tired to rip me off with this game for the gamecube for 70 bucks saying it's rare which it isn't since I found more than one copy at a local gamestop.

  17. She is only equipped with lots of weapons like machine gun if you play on Easy mode which i dont know why any re fan would do, good review though

  18. thx great review

  19. Gonna download this for my vita lol never had the chance to play it.

  20. Bundling both RE 2 and Nemesis would've been a very appealing package for new- and series-followers alike. Instead, you end up paying nearly full price for an old game.

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