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Pocket Knife Collection

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  1. Jade DragonStone

    Heyyy!!! We have the same watch!

  2. Amazing collection! We have plenty of knives that you might want to add =]

  3. Everyone's all gung ho for fancy new "tactical" knives. I've got some newer knives, but none of them will take an edge like my old schrade jack knife. It's not a locking blade knife, but if you need a locking blade knife, a fixed blade will serve you better anyways. It's definitely not something I would feel comfortable giving to a younger kid though, they will use it unsafely at some point.

  4. very nice collection and the stilletto was slick

  5. “I Love Your Collection, Bro!”
    You sound a lot like me, when it comes to Knives…  🙂  I used to sell Italian Manual Stilettos, back in the 1990’s and early 2000’s.  I made pretty good money on a couple of orders that I purchased from Falcon Knives, Manual Stiletto Division of AKC, in Maniago, Italy.
    I only have four left; they are mine…  Those Beautiful, Manual Italian, Falcon, Folding Stiletto’s, are a great part of my Collection that’s, probably, only worth a lot to me…  🙂  Like you, have Collected Knives that represent different times in my “Life.”  That’s what I would call, a “Real Cool Collection,” Bro…  It’s a “Time Capsule!”  Very Cool!
    Stiletto :)

  6. +motterboy20 Hey thanks Motter! Pocket knives are nice to carry a simple yet effective tool big or small. The older ones stay at home though. The mini knife I wish I knew more about. I think the handle is pearl. There are no markings on the blade. All I know is its very old and been in my family a very long time. Im damn near 35 getting old myself. Lol

  7. Hell yea man, really nice collection. I like the information and history you added with the knives.

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