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Ontario RAT-7 knife: Choppaholic!

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  1. A Keeper Of Odd Knowledge

    Great video on the knife I plan to buy next. Concerning knife coatings: when I strip down my RTAK II, I will treat it with Tetra Bike. It's molecules are, reportedly, over 500X smaller than Teflon and really get into the pores of metal. I've used this on my bicycle running gear (hence the name) and on my firearms. Good stuff. Just sayin'.

  2. Nutn… i hope to see you try the ESEE-6 (and maybe the "5" too, why not); very similar blade (in all dimensions) to the RAT-7.
    Best wishes for this 2015!  :)


    or buy a proper axe like a gransfors bruks

  4. Very nice blade,Great video Nutn.

  5. rat 7 vs bk7??

  6. I see you have your combat survival washing up rubber gloves on. Do they come with some fairy liquid so you can have nice soft hands after you've been chopping sticks in the woods all day?

  7. That bite the hell out of tree :O

  8. @Renocasa at 10,000ft nutn easy its called being prepared.

  9. Recon is 5/16

  10. @Renocasa apples to oranges i think.

  11. It cracks me up all these guys saying, "Use an axe! Use an axe!" Didn't you hear him say that obviously it's better to use an axe to chop? HOWEVER IF you find yourself out in the woods without one, it's nice to know that you can IF NEED BE chop wood with the cross-cutting technique (same as you would with an axe) or by batoning.

  12. Nutnfancy vs Dave Canterbury, in a survival situation, who would win?

  13. ………wax is better than oil for rust resistance…..just warm the tool and glide it on

  14. i want to push the like buttom 🙂

  15. what are your thoughts on the cold steel kukri?

  16. Unless a Big Yapper can help in a survival situation…..He is Doomed!

  17. @1911gavin He always wears Alta knee pads and has a review out on them… — Veri

  18. what knee pads are you wearing? i like them

  19. @Disciple1818 just cus its made in china doesnt meen its rubbish

  20. How do you think this compares to the ESEE 6? Or are you not planning on buying the ESEE 6 because they are so similar. Anyway, love these back country knife videos 'cause they show the real performance of the blades. Keep 'em coming!

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