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Ontario RAT 2 Folding Knife Review


  1. Sounds like a blade that I might edc.  (I've been using a lot of my classic swiss army knife, but I dislike how small the blade is.)

    I don't want a big "penis extension" blade, but I still want something functional and that folds up.  :)

  2. Just got mine today, man it's nice and the precision for $27 is fantastic. I've been playing with it all day. I keep these EDC around, I have 7 and rotate them. I will buy more. Good vid.

  3. awesome review guys. love the good video work. keep up the good work

  4. A couple of days ago I was poking in a piece of rotten tree and when I closed the Rat 2 the blade was bent! No extreme force used – so this steel doesn't impress me. Yes, I know you shouldn't stretch a knife too much, but this was not inappropriate use. 
    I bent it back quite easily, too. 

  5. Would a RAT 1 be good for a shtf/bug out bag? Thank you and keep up the good vids.

  6. Justin Jeffries

    GUH I can't find Coyote color anywhere

  7. Can you open the RAT 2 single handed without using the thumb stud? ("flicking" you wrist etc.), ordered one online but I'm thinking customs will jump on it, worth a shot though

  8. I just have to ask..where did you get the info that Aus 8 is similar to 8cr13mov? Just interested. I know my steels fairly well but if what you say is true least for me… is a game changer in terms of what us Aussies pay for in terms of steels. 

  9. This knife is so easy to put an edge on. I love it!

  10. Ultimate Survivalist

    Should i get the rat 1 or the rat 2 for outdoors tasks?

  11. I love, love, love the Rat 1 but I too find it a little to big in the pocket. I definitely want the rat 2 now. Great review.

  12. Just lost mine in the woods on a hike.. yay me

  13. I love my RAT 1, even for EDC (it is a bit big). I just ordered a RAT 2 OD/Satin for myself and a RAT 2 Black/Satin for my brother.

  14. BlackOwlOutdoors

    We have a lot of videos planned for the future. As long as we're able to produce videos, we will. Being able is the key, though. When we were designing the logo, the owl kept looking like a penguin. So, we just went with it and made it a penguin. Riveting story, right? Ha. -Krik

  15. hi recently found your channel and really like the professional quality of your reviews. nice content and definitely would like to see more. curious why its called black owl and the logo is a penguin though…lol

  16. the video quality and editing was great! and awesome review!

  17. BlackOwlOutdoors

    We don't own one. Sorry. -Krik

  18. VigilanteJustice17

    Review the kabar dozier folder please

  19. you should do a water bladder/camel-back review especially for a 25l bag

  20. You could always get it in the only other color they offer… pink.

  21. U talk too much I think! My opnion

  22. best place to carry those credit card tools is in a backpack ID slot actually.

  23. 10 minutes it takes him to show how it works.

  24. What can be said in five minutes, is done in twenty. Does not add anything. Probably was never allowed to talk as a child and now is making up for it. Not a bad video though, so thanks for the effort. Go and cut your foreskin off as this will test if the knife has what it takes to make it in Israel. 

  25. REALLY??? I got mine for 3 dollars on Amazon. Phew.

  26. I'm a surveyor, and me and my crew at the most random times ask for knives. A few of these, being as we don't use knives frequently, would be Great for us… Thanks for the review. 

  27. 9:17
    You're welcome :)

  28. Vincent Todorovich

    nice i just bought 10 knifes for 10.50 on ebay!!

  29. Dude makes no sense he talkn 25 bucks plush shipping. There on eBay for 7 bucks free shipping

  30. ThreeEyedDan99

    Check out this video on YouTube:

  31. First thing that popped in to my mind. SHANK!!!


  33. DON'T BUY! COMPANY IS A SCAM! Ordered one in February 2014 and still waiting–12 months later! All I get when I inquire is "almost ready to ship". Nothing but excuses! DON'T WASTE your money. SCAM! SCAM! SCAM!

  34. 0:49  ahahahah

  35. I got a knock off, WORKS THE SAME AND SAME DURABILITY for 1.47 a two pack on amazon

  36. Well, I've got mine for 2 yers now, allways on my wallet, and I use it quite often.
    Happy with it.

  37. moron

  38. this video could have been just 5 mins thought…a lot of editing could have been done here

  39. Rusty Shackleford

    Jeff just ate, it's spaghetti sauce

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