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Ontario Air Force Survival Knife-FULL REVIEW- by TheGearTester

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Summary : Good

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  1. Looks like a great tool , found it on the Walmart website for about 45 bucks , going to buy two for that price . I look forward to checking out all your cool videos 

  2. +TheGearTester Duuude

    you need to put a mouse over that microphone

  3. WOW ! ! ! Finally some common sense on the issue of batoning. I agree with everything you said. It seems to have become fashionable to baton with a knife now rather than carrying a small ax or hatchet. One silly excuse given is this false fantasy notion of ''a one tool option'' that if some how a person looses his/her gear they somehow can rely on this ''skill'' of batoning with a knife, ludicrous. In my opinion it's not a skill when a chimpanzee can be taught how to baton. Your explanation is accurate and logical. 

    On the subject of the handle being loose. Soaking the handle in neetsfoot oil or similar product sometimes allows the leather to swell reducing or in some cases removing the rattle all together. If this doesn't work then take some dental floss and tightly wrap it between the gap of the handle where it's loose then simply singe the end once the dental floss fills the gap. I'v had to do this with a couple of these old military knives with the leather handles. It works just fine and you could hardly notice it's been repaired.

  4. Digging the simple rugged look! One benefit to the spear could be fishing ? Looks like the saw would aid in the fish staying on? Nice review!

  5. Captain Sunday

    You are a very forceful man.

  6. TheAngieIshmael

    Can't wait for this to arrive ((:

  7. in regards to the saw back on the 499 air foce survival knife. remember its a PILOTS knife. in a scenario of a crash,the sawback was intended to cut through ALUMINUM, not wood. and for this purpose it works great! it is a great survival knife.

  8. The saw on this knife is intended for cutting aluminum. It works very well a its purpose. Cutting ones way out of a downed aircraft.

  9. paintballmagnet

    Blade too short, guess its better than no knife but with an option, this knife would not be on my list of knives to survive with

  10. I stopped buying knives after about 12. if I cant get shit done with what I have, then I shouldn't be allowed to leave my home

  11. I have heard the saw section on the spine was designed to saw-cut aircraft fuselage in the attempt to egress in the event of being trapped in a down air craft. 

  12. I have this knife. I call it the 'ugly knife ', but no less effective! I love it.

  13. Good point about the batoning. So many people are just bonkers for batoning. It has it's place…, but plueez!

  14. These knives are available at a lot of local military surplus stores. A lot of army solders use it. 

  15. Random Button Pusher

    Good discussion at the end about the need and merit of batoning. As for the chopping, you are right that such a short blade is not the best choice. However, if it is the only knife you have, you can improve chopping performance by holding the knife farther back, say with your little finger or even your ring finger beyond the pommel and using wrist action rather than arm action to chop. This is the method described for use of the long Saami/Lapp knife, leuku in Finnish, which is used for chopping in the sub-arctic rather than hatchets or axes. Also used for butchering reindeer.

  16. you can make the leather handle tighter by soaking in lindseed oil then to protect it use bees wax on the handle and the sheath it will last for ever

  17. The reason the saw doesn't work to well on wood is it is not designed for that. That saw was designed to cut through the aluminium skin of an aircraft so the crew can escape after a crash landing or something similar.

  18. Man of the north

    Why don`t you smash the tang deeper? 
    Nice review!

  19. Destroyed one of these in my lifetime, now I'm mad not my fault.

  20. Justin Prather

    Is this peened? Can you sharpen the clip?

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