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NEW – SOG Seal Team Elite Knife Review – Best Survival and Military Knife?

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  1. Thanks for your reviews.  You convinced me to buy the SOG team elite, and what a great knife it is

  2. Christian Rapp

    Great kniffe . Thanks for your vidéos and sorry for my language but i am french from ALSACE frontier wit Germany and France .Please look the french ultimate kniffe from WILDSTEER .(  tactic WILDSTEER from the french spécial forces and the
    folder kniffe WILDSTEER WX ) extrimly strong .The price is expensive but is very very strong kniffe and most beautifull . Long live the USA and FRANCE.

  3. honestly, crkt fe9/fe7 or the sog seal team elite?

  4. You forgot to mention the seal pup elite its as awesome as the seal team elite 

  5. I have that exact same knife

  6. Chris Wakefield

    I love this blade.  Not a huge fan of the grip though.  

  7. the gerber lmf 2 is so much better than the sog seal team elite go give it a try 

  8. In my opinion i prefer the Schrade schf9 its a beast for tactical and survival in my opinion i had it for years and it havent even fazed it

  9. I'm going to join buds to become a seal. I wish this had a little better hand guard for hand to hand combat.

  10. MrPocketfullOfSteel

    Huh? "An excellent High End Steel"?!?! You all DO realize he is simply pitching these products. Aus8 steel is simply at its very best an OK steel and I use that word loosely. It is a nice 'looking' knife etc. but I have to chuckle if our Elite Warriors are sporting Aus8 steel but I know better. Sucker<—-one born every minute.

  11. Michael Ehline

    NEW – SOG Seal Team Elite Knife Review – Best Survival and Military Knife?

  12. Sounds like someone is biased due to compensation.

  13. Any thoughts on Chris Caine survival knives

  14. Soldier Creek Combat Knives

    I have already collected every high end knife or dagger you can think of!  Now I since I'm bored I make my own handmade knives out of what ever I can find. W1 tool steel-1095 carbon steel its just a hobbie to me I don't sell them I just enjoy making the in my shop. I don't purchase anything except leather and 550 para-cord I fabricate my own hand guards with what I can find.  I will only buy a SOG combat knife if it has a 5" handle. I make all my combat knives full tang with 5-1/2" handles 5" minimum some are 6-1/2" with 8" blades. I purchased my first knife ever from China a few days back its an MTech Extreme fighter knife and i must say the Chinese are bringing their quality up. Don't get me wrong I realize their are quality manufacturers out there I have seen them all been collecting knives-daggers-swords since 1973.   Steel is steel to me carbon contents and chromium, nickel really don't impress me it will all rust if left out and not cared for. A ceramic knife can kill you just as quick as a high end Strider with ATS 34 and by the way I have one of his first fixed blade Strider combat knives from 1997 I was offered $800 for it and had to decline. 

  15. you consistently have the most informative, accessible and pleasant delivery of information in your reviews. No 'macho man' wannabe stuff, no overemotional hype, jsut a very relaxed, factual style, which makes watching and listening like have a conversation with a friend. Keep up the great work. All the best.

  16. Hi Israel, I'm not a folder guy and least a Tactical Folder guy, but you made me remember my first Tactical Knife period. It was the U.S.M.C. Fighting Knifr, and that started a little collection, I got a Camillus made Ka-Bar Style Fighting Knife and a couple W.W. 2 Ka-Bar's, then I got a Gerber Sterile Ta tidal Knife called the Silver Trident with serrations on top and bottom of the double blade but no name is what sterile means I guess it's not to identify what country your from, I got it because the price was right, they are about 3 X's as much now then I got a CBQ-1 but not the Camillus one but it's still made very nice with the CM-154 Stainless again the price was roght, but my folders have a story behind one of them I bought them seperate and my first Tactical Folder was the Cold Steel Talwar with the Linen Micarta and the San Mai 3 Steel, price was right again and they closed it out at C.S. so I also got the Black Sable same type of knife their Simply TiT's, when I got the Talwar it was a evening delivery by the brown truck and I was in for the night, I showered and was watching a little T.V. I was in my robe, the belt around my waist was lose, and I took the knife out of the box which was about 6"-8" squared or about that size, the phone rang and I know better than to keep a opened knife if your not using it, but I placed it on the box to answer the phone the robe brushed the knife tio right between my little and forth toe, and I couldn't stop the bleeding, as long as I wasn't standing on my foot I could stop the bleeding, but that scared me that I could bleed to death if I fell asleep, so I went to the E.R. and got 3 stiches, what a way to see how good a knife can stab Eah ?, from them on no matter what, if I'm not using it I close it, and in camp or in the bush it goes right into my sheath no matter how many times it goes in and out, I learned a great lesson, If I was out in the bush, I could of been dead and you would of never seen one of my post heh heh heh <|~_^|> you wish heh heh heh.

  17. Hey, check out The Cutting Edge Knife reviews. you get more info that is useful in choosing your next folding knife! Please subscribe.

  18. I'll continue with my Buck Folding Hunter. It ain't Tacticool but it gets the job done.

  19. Please!Please!Please!Please!know someone this knife?i have after my grandfather

  20. alex “bikeman” o'neal

    You know Israel– I think of my "Tactical" knife as more of a tool to allow me to do things like pry open an elevator door or cut wire and cardboard while working….so the less expensive knives wouldn't hold up for me…but I see your point about not spending too much initially so that folks can familiarize themselves with what their needs are…hey -what do you think about the benchmade 275 Adamas for use as a tactical working knife?

  21. Any thoughts on the Cold Steel Spartan? Big knife for 50-60 bucks and they come razor sharp

  22. I like my crkt Hammond cruiser good size for self-defense im getting a crkt m21 04g soon as well

  23. The absolute Best folder for the least money has got to be the Cold Steel TRIAD Voyager series knives…  Strongest locking mechanism on the market… Aus8 steel done right.. Tough as nails, easy to sharpen, indestructible FRN handles, and the extra large 5.5in blade folders are HUGE and cost under 50 bucks {wealljuggleknives has a reveiw}watch it.. the 4in blade can be purchased online for 35 bucks..  Its the GLOCK of folding knives.

  24. If your OK with Frame / Linerlocks for a Tactical blade a great option is the Otanashi noh Ken from CRKT…  Im usually not a big fan of CRKT knives, however the Ken Williams are extremely well designed for a single purpose… and that purpose will be evident when you take a look at the blade…   All knives will defeat Kevlar vests and assorted types of soft body armor… but these Hissatsu style profiles are all business from handle to tip…  Notable mention must be given to the Benchmade 710 Axis … If absolutely can not make up your mind about what to get this is a great fall back option that you are guaranteed to never regret.

  25. If your looking for an excellent first {and perhaps last} tactical folder i would highly recommend the Cold Steel Large Talwar, AK47, or the Recon 1 spear point…  the first two can be waved out of pocket and the last one is just a great all around tactical folder… All three have the TRIAD lock… which is arguably the strongest locking mechanism on the market today…. the Aus8 steel holds a great edge and is easy to sharpen.. the G10 is super high traction…   Other notables are the Spyderco Manix 2 .. and if you like large then the Manix 2XL …  Im not a huge fan of linerlocks for something you are carrying to defend your life… worst time for a lock failure would be when your fighting for your life..   A $60 dollar Cold Steel Talwar is just as fast as an Emerson and its easily 3x stronger in the lock department..

  26. Axis, arc and similar locks are my favorites

  27. A pen or pencil can be as good in the right hands as any of these blades. Is there a reason you didn't go into neck knives?

  28. Can't justify $200 for a folder, let alone $400+

    I've got $40 knives I have had for a decade and they still cut and put holes in stuff.

  29. Nice video. "Al Mar and Col. Nick Rowe originally designed them for the U.S. Army's SERE school". Found that on the A.G. Russell site. I agree, lots of great inexpensive knives to try, start out with.

  30. Are you Will Forte?

  31. Brenden Levata

    I use tac force assisted opening 

  32. sounds like your a guy that walks softy, carrys a knife…and knows how to use it..

  33. Cristian Recinos

    I have a 1660 ST ken onion design is it good for stabbing?

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