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MTech MT-122BK 12″ Fixed Blade Fighting Knife Review

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  1. Um ok so I am wondering where did you buy it because I have one but bought it from my friend and he does not remember it is the Mtech Rescue team

  2. Good review. All defects should be expected due to the price point of this blade. A leather replacement sheath for this blade can be had for 12 dollars. Paired with a 15 dollar knife expect to do some grind mods and repairs. Endless options for the knife cutler. Even a handle replacement of leather makes this knife a gold mine. Is it a kabar, no. Is it made for hard use, no. But neither is a kabar. Considering you could buy 4 of these and have plenty and save that Kabar for rainy days should be something to consider. 

  3. Very nice! Wonder how it would hold up against hard use!

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