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Maxpedition Ferox Folding Knife Review

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  1. Haven't handled any of their knives yet, but from the looks and reviews (yours & others), I wouldn't buy any of them. Their fixed blades look even worse. I love my PM-2, my Rat M-1 and my Kershaw Leek. I sold my Tenacious to a friend when my PM-2 came in though, but it was an awesome knife too!

  2. Patrik Johnson

    you dangled this knife in front of the camera for how many minutes and did all that talking and in all that time did not show a glimpse of the spine of the knife blade.

  3. The Maxpedition Knives are a lot like Coast Knives. I am not a fan. The Rat Model 1 is better by far. I feel the Rat Model 1 is better than the overrated Tenacious, and I have both. IMO the Rat model 1 is one of the best knives under $100.00. The Kershaw Blur has QC/ lockup/assist mech. issues, but they are decent if you get a good one. The Paramilitary 2 is one of my favorites in any price range. I just found one with digicam and black on Amazon the other day for $130.00 from a Spyderco dealer and it's on it's way. Beware of a dealer who only sells the Paramilitary 2 because it's probably a fake. They are probably sold out again though.

  4. Don't worry getting one, i bought once and after 1month of very light use it broke down, i contacted maxpedition and they never answer back.

  5. How are you sharpening your knives?

  6. Arkaydenn Garuda

    broke one already

  7. Ultimate Survivalist

    Can you do a review on the Boker Kalashnikov Automatic Knife ?

  8. What would you recommend as a first knife? I'm looking for something under $30.


    I like it 🙂

  10. as goes flipping e knife ?

  11. reminds me of 5.11, i love there gear and clothing, but i got a few of there knives, and they are so so at best. compared to other knives in the same price range.

  12. The Late Boy Scout


  13. I bought the OD Green Serrated version after watching your video, I have much better knives but I just like the look of it. Thanks for your awesome review.

  14. The Late Boy Scout

    Yeah, but I'm a little more careful with it.

  15. still love the blur after the finger thing?

  16. Made in China somewhere made for Maxpedition. Probably this knife is also made maybe slightly changed for another company.

    This knife is garbage. The liner is way too thin.

  17. boycot china

  18. BTW cool mat in the background….

  19. Will lets hope they are better than the Glock knives……

  20. I think in the price range…RAT-1 ftw!…Good review.

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