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Knife Review: Puma White Hunter

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  1. Woohog, I lost two Puma Skinners deer and bear hunting back in the late 60's because I did not use the lanyard, I recommend using the lanyard

  2. I have the Puma White Hunter and the Skinner. The Skinner is best for penetrating with it's very sharp tip, slices steaks well too. The White Hunter is great for hacking. very popular by soldiers in the Viet Nam war

  3. That was the intended prupose yes. As a main hunters knife for African game hunters. Hence "white hunter".
    I have used it as a survival knife and well as a hunting knife. It will work. My only complaint is that they are not the easiest to sharpen.

  4. Survival knife? Not hardly. It's a carcass processing knife.

  5. If you're going to make a video of a knife please learn how to pronounce the name correctly. It IS NOT phew-ma but rather pu-ma. Nice knife…I have one that's handled in stag with the original with paper work and felt lined box made in 1957..second year they were produced MINT Going to sell it soon. This knife is still regarded as the finest all around field knife in the world. Your knife is stainless steel, the early ones were carbon steel that would hold an unbelievable razor edge.

  6. holding an edge for years?? the only way a knife is able to hold an edge for years is if you don't use it

  7. Cool video Man! This review made me buy from off ebay just like yours with the wood handle and I LOVE it! It will ride in my Jeep with me for all my off-road adventures!

  8. @Axbent Its actually a "survival" knive the call it. I know people who have made them, I live only a few hours from there. Its a hunting knife, but its there survival/hunting messer. Thats why It has a heavy head. Wich their other ones do not. Except for the waldblatt. Wich means forrest leaf. Wich is a bowie.
    I have to give points to Puma for this, lets face it. Part of you Surviving should involve hunting. A knife that can function as both is a good idea. I have used the serrations for bone,

  9. @chillymywilly No joke, it is defiently a work horse. I guess my idea of "tactical" is different than yours, I would want something that I know will slice to the bone and not have to worry about it holding an edge for years. Thanks for the review and the great comment!

  10. The whitehunter is a survival knife not a "tactical knife" I own both a puma and very many tactical knives. But a puma is a hell of a knive. I love mine and there one of the best made for that purpose.

  11. @Bobster986 Same reason I love mine. It was my dads, I bet yours in in a much better condition than mine is, but still a workhorse if you need it.
    Glad you liked the review.

  12. I inherited mine, it's like new, it was my grandfathers. I keep it in the original box, and it means a lot to me because he did. Thanks Pop's!

  13. Hey man glade to see you so pumped over the knife, I just bought a R.W. Loveless design OEM version AUS 10 steel from for around $50 CAD free shipping. I was looking for a review of it and figured I would mention it to you since you were so stocked over the one you have. Mine is much different from the one you have here you should check it out.

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