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Knife Review: Puma Skinner – Vintage Hunting Knife

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  1. its not wear its stag an all stag is like finger prints dont bulld watches  it is what it is a great find an a great knife

  2. no, this stag scales are almost always different in size and shape. i had many puma knives and it's their design.

  3. Excellent !!!

  4. I see them on ebay constantly starting at $120, I'd love to have one, but not at those prices. Dad bought his in the 70's, never used it until 2006 when he retired and started a garden on my great grandparents property, and started killing deer there. There is no rival in gutting a deer, that saw edge, not offered in any other knife, it goes through the ribcage quit well.

  5. attananightshadow

    very mirror like compared to the new 'german' non SGB ones.

    I own one of the real german ones, still haven't changed the rivets.  sheath does not have rivets at the bottom though.

    it's likely wear on the scales, as the actual German Puma's match their scales pretty good.

    very nice knife.

  6. Nope, I haven't found a value for it yet.

  7. Did you find out the value? =]

  8. @jimmyggh1 Thanks for watching!

  9. Great knife!

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