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Knife Review : Maxpedition Large Short Clip Point (Fixed Blade) (+ Drama)

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  1. Screw these overpriced zytel handle knives, just buy a cold steel GI tanto for $23 and conquer the planet.

  2. honestly i don't understand why the mad dog knives are so high priced. i know they're custom made and everything, which always bumps up the price a lot. and i'm sure they're excellent quality. but $2,000+ for a knife with a standard looking blade, plain black plastic handles, ect…i just don't get it.

  3. Crazy Bro (BroStories)

    they are already gone

  4. Hey man I've been watching your vids & I subscribed. I like your honesty. On this knife, do u think the choil could be like that for a purpose? Will it strike a ferro rod??

  5. Wow it looks to me maybe I cought on to soon maybe its not a a finger choil hou bout a choil for fire spraking

  6. craze wolfe (wolfepack875947)

    I feel like some guys will stipple the hell out the handle 🙂 I would 

  7. what sub 80 dollar fixed blade would you get for wood carving and batoning

  8. runningsandwich

    DAMN 2k for a knife? I can understand expensive show knives made with gold and rare materials, but I think that's more than a little bit ridiculous.

  9. cou;d the finger choi; actually be better used for your ferro rod? Is the edge sqaure enough?

  10. i like the sleek simple look

  11. I wouldn't really consider that a choil, but rather a notch to aid in sharpening.

  12. hey u should get into brewing wine or beer 

  13. With a full tang I would throw a nice wood handle on that if the plastic broke. 

  14. One thing I really do not like about it is the bead blast finish. It is D2, so rust is something to keep in mind, and bead blasting is the worst possible finish for preventing rust. 

    For me a field knife needs to be as easy as possible to maintain. I use my fixed blade primarily in the hundred mile wilderness of Maine. There are lakes, steams, and ponds everywhere, and it is generally pretty humid. I have had stone washed VG-10 show sighs of rust on me after I neglected to oil it for a few days. The old bead blast Skylines were even worse.   

  15. naihanchin Kempo

    this looks a little like it but a black handle knife is a black handle knife

  16. Geronimo Blade Works

    Take your soldering iron out and stipple the flats on that handle…I did it to a crkt knife I have and it made a world of difference

  17. knottheory79220

    It's a clip point blade.  That's the most generic design imaginable, how can there possibly be an issue here?

  18. Hey Jeff, good video. I really enjoy your videos. I want to send you some money or some gear but i am always broke :P. Anyways, keep up the good content man. Your my favorite youtuber out there

  19. Nicholas DiVito

    Hey Jeff I just ordered the minimalist Bowie!! 

  20. CedricAda Gear and Outdoors

    I love the subdued look of this knife. Shame about that choil though!

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