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Knife Review: Karambit ZOMBIE HUNTER NEON GREEN Karambit

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  1. Matthew Kennedy

    I laughed so hard at this guys voice for the whole video

  2. Aaron Richards

    First. If you don't even know how to handle a karmabit you shouldn't own one. Second. You push the closing slide which is in the blade "sheath" itself to the side and push the blade down to close it.

  3. inside theres a piece of metal move it then you fold the blade


  4. Its called a liner lock idiot 

  5. How do you not know how to close that

  6. Bro if you're gonna do a knife review you might wanna hold it correctly.

  7. Splinter cell blacklist

  8. Did you really open that with a trainer? And did you run your finger down the blade? lol?

  9. Dillon Blackburn

    I know I know

  10. silver 1

  11. liner lock

  12. You are making YouTube knife reviews and you can't figure out how to close a liner lock folding knife?

  13. just get a real karambit. Not china made crap.

  14. Jeremy's Gaming

    +PolishAdam Recenzja Kanałów thanks dude i really dont care what the haters say

  15. PolishAdam Recenzja Kanałów

    dont worry about the haters, they r just mad a young person has this knife and most of these kunts cant aafford it

  16. PudingCZ Stokurev

    It's like toy for 2 years old kids XD

  17. they originated in indonesia

  18. Haha so how long took you to figure out how to close it?

  19. Connor Immerfall

    Did he just use a trainer balisong to open a package 

  20. Hunter Robertson

    That's a training balisong not a knife

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