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Kershaw Leek – Cryo – Shallot Spring Assisted Folding Pocket Knife Review

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  1. Hi Mike. Nice first knife review. I have the Cryo as well as a Cryo II. Like them both. I also enjoy your air gun reviews on Replica Airguns.

  2. I love spring assisted knife

  3. The switch on the knife is called a flipper I live in NH lotes do spring assisted knife or like that

  4. You need to share prices. Great review all in all.

  5. Just an FYI, they aren't all 14C28N, the Leek and Shallot are but the Cryo is 8Cr13MoV. 

  6. Knife laws are stupid. Manual or auto they all cut the same.

  7. Great video but the Canadian laws(and many US laws) are crap, when it comes to self defense among many(many, many,many) other topics. 

  8. I just wanted to say this is a very well done video!

  9. futurejarhead1

    I plan on getting a cryo they seem like great utility knives 

  10. I have seven DIFFRENT kershaws

  11. they are legal in all of the lower 48 as far as I know. I live in Maryland they they are dicks when I comes to laws here.  and they are legal to own and carry

  12. hey do you make air soft videos as well? I think I am subscribed to your other channel. great vid

  13. Hey man good video, just to clarify in Canada my reading of the law would suggest that if you have to touch the blade in some way to open the knife it's legal (since the flipper is the back of the blade it counts). This would be true of any assisted opening knife. I'm not a lawyer but did a fair bit of reading about this. PS if you get in a fight with a knife you could be charged with assault with a deadly weapon. 

  14. it use a tension bar not a spring that is way it is allowed in canada 

  15. the leavers real name is a flipper

  16. nice video and cool blades. The Leek started my knife obsession btw hehe. Subbing this one. Got a channel with knives and outdoor video myself. Check it out if interested. 

  17. this may be a stupid question but i am beginning to get into knife collecting and this will be my first spring assisted pocket knife. so should i worry about this going off in my pocket?

  18. Laurie Campbell

    Hi mike, a nice knife to start off your new venture.I personally take hand traction and lightness into consideration for folding edcs. I do find that a spring assisted knife is sometimes a bit harder to close with one hand, especially the larger ones(small hands). Look forward to seeing you explore Bucks,Spydercos and all the other goodies out there.

  19. some ideas for upcoming videos :
     cutting test, sharpening tools and tips, dimensions and weights,palm fit and feeling, etc,etc… and since you started with all of them with closed blades,perhaps you could finish with all of them open for better comparison.
    other than that nice video.keep up and thanks for your efforts!

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