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Home » Survival Knife » Ka-Bar Becker BK2 Survival / Bushcraft Knife – REVIEW – Nearly Indestructible Tank of a Knife

Ka-Bar Becker BK2 Survival / Bushcraft Knife – REVIEW – Nearly Indestructible Tank of a Knife

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  1. Did you now that 1095 cro-van is also used in the old cold steel knives only it was called carbon v .The real name of the steel is 50100-b the b stands for added vanadium


  2. Junior Pathfinder

    Oh and do a review of the Alaskan cooking knife! +Ultimate Survival Tips !

  3. Junior Pathfinder

    +Ultimate Survival Tips can you take off the nylon loop and add a new kydex type loop?

  4. I'm sure I could use this for skinning and gutting large game but anyone know of this is good for smaller game? I'm sure its at least use able but can I get some opinions?

  5. Rivard Shatkin

    Hi David , I've been looking for a serious review about Kabar Big Brother knife and can't find anything decent with testing in a field like you do, could you Please please make one.. Thank you!

  6. Great Video…. 
    How about a review for the Timberline Alaskan Skinner 6300
    It is one badass 1/4" thick stainless steel beast 
    kinda stainless steel version of  the BK2 and ESEE5

  7. I've been looking at this blade for some time – your review just convinced me. Off to order it now. Thanks…

  8. its like 130-170$ in australia :(

  9. Homestead Austria

    If you can have only one tool with you, this is the one.

  10. BugOutBagReliance

    I'm suprised how you seem to be the only other person to realize how the choil of the BK2 can be used with a steel. I have seen countless people as well as reviewers take a dremel or file to their blade for striking…

  11. Hi David – Excellent video. Curious – what do you use to sharpen this knife? I recently bought a Work Sharp, but I am guessing that would be too small to use to sharpen this, unless you use it in Grind Mode (which I haven't done yet).

  12. I'm sold, thanks for the review.

  13. I ordered mine. Love it!  The first knife in the final line up is a SCHF9, just for the record.  You are my favorite youtuber. Great, professionally done reviews and survival videos.

  14. I'm very indecise between this knife and Bear Grylls's one. In the video you say that BK2 can become rusty without maintenance: is the same for BG or it has a better quality metal?

  15. You know it seems to me that just about everyone has an opinion and that's what America is truly all about, not what yours is. So with that said this is a great knife and there are about a thousand other great knives out there as well. So what ever your fav is cool go with it. And let this man have his say on youtube, guess what you can also….Yup even you narrow minded folks…yeah America.


    Tenho um faca destas ela é perfeita, robusta e bonita é uma joia! Parabéns pelo vídeo!

  17. Nice review but you sound a bit like a Ka-Bar commercial than a real user and reviewer. And the sheath that comes with it just simply is junk as with many other Ka-Bar Becker knives.

  18. great video, thank you

  19. Chad BassMaster

    Hey David, Love the reviews! Can you do a review for the Tops BOB? Id love to get your view of it!

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