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Hogue EX01 Demo by BladeOps

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  1. I own three Hogue Knives.. And Just bought the Polymer one from you guys a couple days ago. So far my Favorite knives by far.. Awesome Quality and love how sharp out of the box.

  2. is the leverletto legal in canada?? i wish to buy one,thanks

  3. how strong would G10 be as a structural piece as opposed to an aesthetic grip?


  5. Ditto rock crawling. Good point

  6. Look real nice. how does the side to side blade play feel with no long steel liner lock Can you say wiggle?

  7. Beautiful knife but over priced

  8. That is a beautiful knife!

  9. New York Knife Maker

    Now that's badass

  10. I don't like how the button is so similar to the pivot screw. That could be a problem if you are trying to deploy it in a hurry.

  11. Kershaw Leek, maybe?

  12. The best Hogue model I've seen. Don't like the shape of the blade though.

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