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Hogue 4 inch tanto G-mascus EX01

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  1. There's an R next to the HTM i am only Guessing but the HTM probably is the the initials for his Registered Business name. That's only a stab in the dark Brett. Like his trading name may be Hogue then he might have a registered business name or company and that's what HTM may stand for.

  2. Thank you, you should enjoy it, its a great knife

  3. yea I had a HTM gunhammer also didn't like the assist on it

  4. its not 230 from stores you can find it for closer to 150, the Zero tolerance 0300 is a great knife also but I prefer the Hogue ex01 it is lighter then the 0300, its a manual knife with no speed assist, its really smooth to open and close with a great fit and finish, the button lock on it is a fantastic lock as well

  5. hay brother i just saw this knife on the hogue site is it worth 239? i want a strider 0300 which i can ge tnew for 260 tell me which one you think and why


    @asilaydying1984 Cool. Perhaps I buy a very cool Hogue 4 inch too…
    I am very temted!

  7. @rafterrs awesome I will be watching!


    @asilaydying1984 Oh yes. It will be on my door on monday. It will be a video on it the same day my man!

  9. @rafterrs hey by the way did you get that zt 0200?


    @asilaydying1984 OK, sweet!

  11. @rafterrs you can get it from ebay for around 150 most of the time I believe.


    @asilaydying1984 $120 is amazing, but for the rest of us it will be $ 200 or more…
    But it looks great. I am more than temted on this blade!

  13. @rafterrs this is one of my favorite folders I own, the fit and finish is so good at its price point


    Man, that is a cool blade right there.
    Very, very nice.
    I like the tanto style on a blade like that.
    Great video man.
    Take care!

  15. @flraptor07 Yea I know hogue does gun stuff but I was just wondering why HTM's name was on the knife ? Cool I subscribed to you and Ill check that vid

  16. @knifeaddiction2011 lol.. I know I couldnt pass it up, I think they ,ight have more to so if anyone wants the sellers name just message me, Did you get the 4 inch or 3.5?

  17. Damn you i just spent 160 on the aluminum OD one LOL good review brother.

  18. @MumblinBerk thank you yea that stonewash finish now has me looking for new blades with a stonewash finish

  19. I have to aggree. I was on the fence with this one, finally bit the bullet, and wow! What a nice piece. So light for it's size!

    I have the drop point, 4-inch, G-Mascus, and it is my current fav. Took top place away from my AGRussel Acies (thanks to DarkChild's review, by coincidence)

    Deployment is amazing. I'm a fan of stone wash, and the Elishewitz finish on this one is great. Smoother than Boker's.

    Congrats on scoring such a good price on it.

  20. @darkchild57 I do as well I figured this is mostly a combat knife so I went with the tanto instead of the drop point.

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