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Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate PRO Survival Knife – REVIEW – Best Gerber Survival Knife? 31-001901

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  1. Eight months later.
    It works as advertised, the striker needs to be more securely attached, lanyard maybe but my knife works fine.
    It can build a fire and do camp/fish and hunting chores well.
    The sharpener does a good job keeping the edge sharp.
    It's a good buy and a good knife and fire maker.

  2. Got this knife, and just like in the review I beat the hell out of it. Not one problem whatsoever. Its one of the best survival knives out there.

  3. TheFloridaPappy

    Looks like some good upgrades. I have the earlier version and the ferro rod dropped out and was lost the 2nd time out.

  4. The handle of this knife contains lead. It was probably made in China. My I do not use more and also do not buy anything that mark.

  5. two days later the tree is chopped down lol

  6. shelly anderson

    Spend your money on Gerber there products are great an haven't failed me I even use the parang as a throwing clever have for years and still sturdy

  7. so should i buy this or the gerber strong arm? i like the orange and black

  8. You are just awesome and helpful with your survival tips


  9. Hi Dave,
    Love your knives videos.
    I just got the BG Ultimate Pro but I think it's a fake.
    I washed it one time and the coating is gone.
    Is this ok?
    Let me know if you want to see a photo.

  10. pablo emilio borda diaz

    quiero un de esos , qué hay que hacer? mi n- 310 8561760

  11. Spend your money on a mora

  12. Why buy one do these, when you can buy a Schrade knife that's better and cheaper?

  13. Why would anyone want a knife with high viz orange on it, along with the BG logo?

    Unless someone wanted to find it in the dark to Nut-Hug a Bear Gryll's mass produced product.

  14. Gurbur bur gurs? rrrrrr

  15. Andreas Küünal

    If your bear gryls your chool if your not then you are a bitch.

  16. I got the old one from my girlfriend, but I am looking at esee and maybe a tops silent hero.  Also some spyderco for folding.

    The BG is actually holding up somewhat, but my friend snapped his!

  17. looks like a becker clone, interesting

  18. Homestead Austria

    +Ultimate Survival Tips Do you know if Gerber is producing this in or out of the USA?

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