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Gerber Bear Grylls Paracord Fixed Blade Knife Review

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  1. Regarding the belt loop, how wide of a belt can it accommodate?

  2. I bought basspro shops REDHEAD paracord knife which is like a house brand of this knife. same style and same sheath and its $24.99. Just as good a knife in case anybody was looking for something similar on a budget. I own both.

  3. the steel is 5cr15mov

  4. I think it's 5Cr15Mov stainless steel which is the Chinese version of the 1.4116. Just wondering, how did you find it during use?

  5. It's one of my favorite knives for EDC AND the bush.  

  6. For the price of the blade, you could of got some thing MUCH better. Go with a Schrade survival knife, good steel, nice thickness etc etc.

  7. I got the knife but wish I didn't.. truth is for the money I didn't expect the best bladesteel nor a very good out of the box sharpness. What I didn't expet though is that the sheeth is not only used as a sheeth, it doubles as an impressive blade duller.

    It's wreaks havoc on your edge every time your shove the blade in or out. I got the blade up to razor sharpness 3 times only to find that no matter how I deploy the knife, that sheeth will destroy the edge.

  8. I tried to slice a tomato with this thing and the blade shattered.

  9. Oops it's the blade that 3.75

  10. It's a 3.75 inch knife

  11. What size blade is it? Also what is the current UK legal limit

  12. can u make a video of the knife in action

  13. can u put a video on how to put new paracord on the knife

  14. i love this knife

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