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First Look at DPX HEFT 6 Fixed Blade Knife

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  1. I have the DPX Heft 4 milspec it is a great EDC fixed blade knife, These knives are excellent quality with nice blade design and function. Excellent for self defense and outdoor camp use. Much nicer than the ugly Esee black coated bulky blades.I think the 6 inch version is still available ? try google search. I could use the 6 inch version too.

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  3. Excellent review thx

  4. Interesting blade, but evidently discontinued.
    Too bad.

  5. shitty jimping, too sharp on your thumb

  6. WeAllJuggleKnives

    What was the drama? The Pelton guy? I've seen him on TV, all I know is he's basically a journalist reporting from dangerous areas. No, I haven't beat up this knife, it's just not a primary user knife for me.

  7. WeAllJuggleKnives

    Thank you!

  8. Israel, another awesome product review, Yar'Day Man !!!

  9. WeAllJuggleKnives

    lol if I remember right, Spyderco did try to patent opening holes, but they weren't able to.

  10. WeAllJuggleKnives


  11. hey they cant have that hole in the blade!

  12. WeAllJuggleKnives

    @kebindesu – I'm glad that at least my HEFT was not the only one with the initial sharpness problem. My SR-1 was sharper tho, I might have gotten lucky on that one.

  13. i agree with your assessment of this knife. i bought the heft 4 a few days ago, and it was pretty dull. would cut paper, but tore it alot. as a knife maker, i can attribute this to the edge geometry, its just too thick at the edge. i also have a lionsteel sr1 that has a similar problem, think it's just part of their manufacturing techniques. it is annoying tho, shelling out big bucks for knifes that we have to ruin the finish on to get any kind of edge on..

  14. WeAllJuggleKnives

    @CaptainBerz – Yeah, I dunno what they were thinking with that. I've never seen a crazy big flap like that on a military knife. I'm thinking of cutting it, adding some ghetto improvements lol.

  15. I am not a fan of this knife. That velcro locking strap is a huge turn off for me…

  16. WeAllJuggleKnives

    @1sgbrewer – Yes, good points. Sharp is the final step of production! It can be hard to buy knives without handling one first. In this case, I had a HEST from DPX and an SR-1 Folder (that did arrive sharp!) from Lionsteel, so it wasn't too big a risk. But yeah, sharp means they care more haha.

  17. Great review as always. For me, a new knife coming sharp is also an instant indicator that the knife "can" be sharpened. I would have doubts about purchasing a knife in person, say at a knife show, if I picked it up and it wasn't sharpened, probably at a store too. I might be thinking, heat treat? I bet you would too. But it seems knifemakers know we wont return it if bought thru the mail for that reason, so they just leave out that xtra step. They don't care about me! (Heehee) Just sayin

  18. Good review of an overpriced knife with an over-the-top sheath.

  19. WeAllJuggleKnives

    @sirhorsechoker – I agree totally about using a hatchet, or any kind of specialized chopper. I actually use an ultra thick Thai machete. Yeah the sheath is not a military sheath at all, lol loud and slow! – I think they meant it as just an outdoors "at least it will never ever fall out" sheath :]

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