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ESEE Candiru with Orange G10 Handles (Knife Review)

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  1. 1nsaneHeadshotZ

    you look it up…

  2. i think this knife is more intended for the guys who want to edc a fixed blade, with the size/weight of a folder. nice knife! i don't like the way it looks without the scales, but definitely badass with them on.

  3. buy through ebay. thats what i do

  4. dude I was watching you vid
    then decided hey let me pause the vid to see what the hell is a candiru.
    Opened window to YouTube vid of BBC of the candiru
    And now this little fish is hurting me big time. Candiru suck balls but interesting animal

  5. There are a lot of custom kydex sheaths for it available online and ebay.

    Nice little knife. I have an Izula II and love it, but I think I'll get the Candiru for my wife.

  6. Subscribed. Nice video. I really want this knife, it's cute, lol.

  7. Cute little knife. Very attractive. You have good taste.

  8. may be small but it will still gut your ass

  9. Great information. I subbed too. Really like the G10 orange scales. I'm a female, so I hope it'll fit my hand a bit better. Thx again.

  10. Stainless Steel will rust, as far as I know most steel will rust if not cared for. If not all..

  11. i love this awesome mini knife. my only problem is the price again. in the usa you can get it for 40 dollars, i guess, but here in europe i have to pay 65 euro dollars whats 80 american dollars and 80 dollars without handle scales. thats again insane for this splinter of metal. thanx for showing

  12. Definitely a dick-fish. A spiny, awful dick-fish. Supposedly it follows your urine stream if you pee underwater in the Amazon. The pain is purportedly so bad that some people prefer to cut their dick off rather than live with it. It requires micro-surgery to remove.

  13. Thanks man! Appreciate it!

  14. Nice video i subed!

  15. yes sir

  16. hehe they named the knife after a fish that swims up ur dick hole. dont believe me, look it up

  17. yup, probably twice as big. doesn't matter though. i belt carry my izulla 2 with a tek lok and it works out awesome. the tek lok is way bigger than the izulla 2 as well.

  18. amazing quality
    great review

  19. Can you link me to where you got the Blaze scales?

  20. Yeah I agree with you about the sheath. Thanks for watching!

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