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ESEE Avispa Knife: Winning Potential?

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  1. I want to like this knife, but I think it's a pass for me.

  2. Avispa means wasp in Spanish.

  3. A true Michael walker liner lock is actually a very strong mechanism and when done correctly as stated by walker himself during testing the liner lock actually fails by having the liner move all the way over and wedge between the blade tang and opposing side not allowing the knife to fold. A correct linerlock will not fold under hard use but lock itself open.

  4. So if I remove one scale from my RAT 1 I can call it a frame lock? Apparently that all this knife is. : )

  5. avispa>vespa>wasp of course

  6. I've been watching your videos forever and you never disappoint! 

  7. Framelocks are overrated. ESEE should just do a collab with Cold Steel and use the Tri-Ad lock. Fit, finish & lockup would be perfect.

  8. Avispa = wasp, Zancudo = mosquito.   I like the Rat a little better, mostly for the thicker handles.

  9. Yes, WASP.

  10. The Ontario Rat 1 is ten times the knife either of those Spyderco's are. Especially when talking about ergonomics and quality for long use as a backup hard use outdoors knife! I've owned many Spydies and found them to be nothing more than over-priced ugly foreign made junk! Oh, and did I mention they're ugly? Yeah, they're ugly too. >.>

  11. i like the RAT knives but the handles are so damn slick that i had to put grip tape on the scales..
    please ontario knife company if you read this
    please on the RAT III add more aggressive texture to your handle scales.

  12. Nice review, I enjoy my rat 1 better than the Esee. Nicer blade and smoother action. 

  13. Avispa is spanish for wasp so the logo is most likely a wasp

  14. Taiwan aus8 …yawn. Kind of dragging the rat name down

  15. On the close up the cutting edge appeared to have grind lines showing. Probably not polished enough to run cleanly through paper.

  16. JW's BulletsNBlades

    ESEE Avispa Knife: Winning Potential?:

  17. Nice review, Thanks.

  18. Good review LBS.
    IM not the knife guy, I see what I like and for multiple uses and stick with it until something else catches my eyes. Right now, and for around 2 years, my edc is the Cold steel Spartan. LOVE that knife, and she is tough as NAILS man!
    Thumbs up bro!~~John

  19. Carlos Sepulveda

    Avispa in Spanish is synonymous to a wasp in English. I'm more prone to get a RAT-1 but I'm still studying… Great vid

  20. Very nice! I really like mine! Definitely the RAT1 is a better knife.

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