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Elishewitz, Hogue, Wilson Combat EX-01 StarLight

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  1. @jeffjuice3886 Thanks Jeff! Lol. It sure is! But it's gone already. Shipped it out yesterday. I couldn't turn down the offer.

  2. That is a handsome knife. No need to say more lol

  3. @WeaversofEternity Thank you Tim! It is a great knife that is solid as a rock. If you are looking to pick one up, check out this version or the alum version like TuffThumbz has.

  4. WeaversofEternity

    Badass blade bro! Definitely agree with you on the G-mascus version, the pattern on those ones just look like bread mold or something…hahaha. This Wilson Tactical version is sick!

  5. @ThePhilapplication Bro, it is a great knife! Def pick one up if you're looking for a new knife. Get this version. I've handled all of them & this handle is the best.

  6. Like how they kept the thumbstud a satin finish. I want one now man.

  7. SuppaviLLin SuPpAvIlLiN

    Thanks for the shout out again too man.

  8. SuppaviLLin SuPpAvIlLiN

    Yo, 2:01 That had me laughing my fucking ass off dude. haha, that startled the fuck outta you. It sartled me. Cool vid.

  9. 45CaliberMilitia

    Shit, you aint gotta tell me that it takes time. I still gotta wait to get my tenacious. lol

  10. Vance dun got lucky!!!!! yeeeeehawwwww!!!!

  11. i feel the same about you man.
    the bantay is growing on me, such a bad ass knife.
    thank you Vance.

  12. f him lol j/k hell just sell it anyway lol

  13. Maybe so sir maybe so

  14. Hell yeah!!

  15. @Asilaydying1984 I hear you on that Brett. I will let you know but I thing TuffThumbz wants 1st crack at it.

  16. @TheLionhearted86 Sorry bro! Lol. Maybe it's just meant to happen for you.

  17. @NomoreMrKnifeguy Lol. Bro, they still have them on the Wilson Combat website for 230.

  18. @summit2g Thank you bro!

  19. @jaypunishment26 Lol. I know bro. Shit just happens & I keep rolling.

  20. @sebostrip Thank you Sebastian! I like it alot! No prob! You are a cool, down to earth guy with a great taste in knives. It was nice meeting & hanging with you bro!

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