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Down Under Knives The Outback Bowie Knife Review

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  1. I thing that there is a Company that does Custom hand make them but they are extremely expensive, I'm talking 4 figures + in the price. I read about them in one of the knife magazines. ("Blade" maybe? anyone?) If I was filthy rich, hell yeh I'd pay 1200+ for Mick Dundee's knife. Maybe Paul Hogan would see the original razor sgarp one, I hear he's in tax trouble!

  2. Yeah I returned it after close inspection. I always dreamed of the knife from the movie as a kid, and my dreams were crushed as an adult when I realized they really don't make that knife.

  3. This knife is a P.O.S. It is very weak, especially at the crappy tang. Check around on YouTube for this knife breaking. It is NOT a good chopper it bends and will break when you baton with.
    Sorry boys and girls this is an over priced piece of junk. Stay away.

  4. 440 stainless steel :/

  5. reverendfleshhammer

    I think these knives are WAY overpriced,sure they look fantastic (your's didn't look so great,glad you returned it. For a $200 knife You need a FULL Tang, if you are going to use it for a main survival tool. Frost cutlery makes a Steel Waeeior brand fixed blade that is like 12 inches overall, 440 stainless with a rockwell test, same style of blade for $15. Save your money and go with one of those.

  6. I recently saw an Outback Bowie for sale at a local Gun & Knife show going for $199,
    (The basic e-bay price) no idea if it was real or not, it was a nice looking knife, but I was more interested in a beautiful custom Damascus Bowie being sold by the same dealer and I didn't really check out the Outback all that closely.

  7. I have this knife, I also have the Down under Toothpick…. I had the same issues on both knives; The finish on both knives out of the box was very poor and had to be worked on to bring them up to scratch, the grind however was perfect. My knives came from a nominated dealer but do bear in mind these knives are not made in Australia, they're made in Asia, from many sources so build quality varies a lot across the board. still it is a fine looking knife, if you get a good one!

  8. As far as I know it was.

  9. jake the farm kid

    was it real

  10. It is a thicker blade. Outlaw bowie is a brute.

  11. knifecountryusa

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