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CS:GO – Huntsman Knife (Fade) Gameplay

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  1. Joao Pedro (Xreturnz)

    So strong….! LIKE

  2. Slaughter or fade?:)

  3. My dicks a fade

  4. ITS NOT EVEN FULL FADE!!! I like it that way!

  5. Who can give me the cheapest knife of all CS:GO history?

  6. +rechyyy ☆ PC Gaming ☆ can you give me the cheapest knife in the whole CS:GO history pls if you have?

  7. Rech Really big fan just asking did u get ur knife from case opening

  8. You are good !

  9. what this song?

  10. Арег Варданян

    Посмотрите это видео на YouTube:

  11. @SpongySwag their design is ugly bit their animation is lovely

  12. Best all round knife imo

  13. geronimo chazarreta

    encerio gente paga por esa MIERDA

  14. 1:33 "Nice shot" lol

  15. Just a coincidence that he is behind everyone all the time.

  16. Gut Knife | Safari Mesh (Battle Scarred) next!

  17. PRO XD

  18. Merciless Gladiator


  19. Cartoons and Weed

    Why does everyone hate gutknives so much? I think they're sexy.

  20. Dominic BuckAigner (Nyu)

    Whats the Background Music? :)

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