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CRKT Moxie Knife Review: Metal with Mettle

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  1. love your reviews.  I need to choose between CRKT Moxie and Kershaw Blur. which is  Missing from the line up. However after looking at both again.  Firesafe is good. Thinner blade is good. Moxie blade shape is good.  I guess there isn't a choice anymore. Thanks.

  2. I just got one today. I had just returned a broken SOG Bootcamp Mini. It broke it's back with down force from cutting a small zip tie on my bench top. I saw the Moxie because I'm looking for a mid sized EDC knife.

    – One thing you forgot to mention was the blade design at the plunge near the handle. I like the way it's extended a bit because when you want to close the blade, it won't accidently roll back and cut your thumb while you're pressing the unlock mechanism.

    I don't like that it's a little grippy trying to pull it out of your pocket from the rubber grip. I betting over time it will mellow out when it gets a little oily form my hand and use. All in all – Good knife.

  3. I have a black one 

  4. Dallas Gonzales

    This knife would look beautiful in red, almost like a dragon.

  5. just ordered the grey one

  6. Hey Scout, love your vids bud, have been a subscriber for awhile now. Trying to cut down on my knife purchases a little this year but it's not easy man! Hate to put you on the spot, but I'm torn between two knives. Moxie or M21-12GD? Both in the same price range.

  7. This was my latest EDC purchase, thanks in part to this video, and winning a gift card to outdoor outfitter store. Thanks for the review, been looking for a new EDC for a while. 

  8. Ok wow bro which is your fave blade and deployment. Edc?

  9. This blade seems very comparable to the SOG mini Aegis both in design and in blade steel. I believe they're in the same price range too.

  10. Nice review. I like the blade shape alot but for basic steel the price is too high. Many other quality knives for less out there.

  11. Citizen Watchdog

    no lefty?   stupid

  12. Ultimate Survivalist

    do have any idea when your going to do the review on the maxpedition exslsa 

  13. Ultimate Survivalist

    can you do a review on the  sog flashback?

  14. Thanks TLBS, great review on the moxie and other similar value knives. BTW i have recently started collecting a few of the knives that you have reviewed and  love carrying them. I have a  Delica , Lawman, Tenacious along with a few kershaws..  My question is what sharpening system would you recommend for my higher end knives?? I am very new to sharpening .  I tried to sharpen my ken onion shenanigan, and kershaw zing and leek and have made them dull …argh! 

  15. First off, love your vids, very well put together, thanks. Second, I was loving this knife until you got to the "firesafe", hate it. If they ever put this out as a manual or without a safety, I'm all over it. Until that happens, I will not buy any CRKT with it.
    So, that being said, thanks again for the great work. 

  16. Great review Scout. I always learn a lot from these.

  17. That gray color is nice. But it's hard to go wrong with black and green together too. I can see a lot of applications that blade shape would come in handy for in an EDC knife. 

  18. RiderOnThe Storm (RiderOnTheStorm)

    Man if only it were lefty friendly I'd be all over that!

  19. Tactical X-Rays

    i would like to hear reasons from the 4 guys who disliked this video. if you don't like the knife don't hate on the video review. a lot of work got into this! dicks! i'm not fond of this blade either, but the information i needed to make that judgement is RIGHT THERE!

    keep on doin watcha doin scout. 
    you got my support

  20. I totally agree with what some have said about the assist mechanism. It can be very tricky to manipulate, without just the right pressure/angle, they simply will not open, and that's an automatic fail for me…just a wasted gimmick that makes the knife tougher to use.
    Take that off, and it's a cool little knife.

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