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Cold Steel Talwar Series Folding Knives

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  1. Since you decided not to put liners in the handle, to save weight, is it sufficiently strong? That's the only question in my mind. Like the profile for the back cut. Cheers on the tri-ad locking system. This is a beautiful knife. 

  2. A soda-can's and a ropes worst nightmare.

  3. This video is a lie, it is the sharpest knife but not the strongest, I was at a cookout and everyone pulled out their bench-made knifes and I pulled out my Coldsteel Voyager and after comparing sharpness I thought I had the competition in the bag, I told them to test out their locking mechanism by hitting it against a mesquite and I have to say that no one would do it so I tried it and it broke after about 8-10 strikes, needless to say I was the joke of the party. I'm a huge fan but it let me down.

  4. Why did you dis intended my San Mai Talwar it's a beautiful knife, in fact it's so sharp as soon as I took it out of the shipping box that was about a 7"X7" box or approx. I was in my robe for the evening, the phone rang like a dummie I put the open knife on top of the box and went for the phone, the robe brushed on the knife, and at that short drop it dropped between my last and fourth toe, I ended up in the E.R. because I couldn't stop the bleeding I received three stiches, it's probably one of my favorite folder's beside my Black Sable, my Black Rhino, and my med. Vaquero, I also have a few other C.S. Folders, but that Talwar is really a beauty, and a true Pocket Sword.

  5. I bet they feel like such bad asses filming these kinds of videos….
    I know I would…

  6. I been on a cold steel buying kick recently and have ordered 6 knives in the past week. This talwar is quite intriguing and will most likely be my next purchase. That 5.5inch is insane and I cant wait to get my paws on it. Kudos to Cold Steel

  7. Soon….

  8. Music?

  9. ja pierdole ale to jest tandetnie zrobione. Jak bym sie tak zamachnął na to mięso to bym to przeciął nożem do masła. Hamerykańskie tępe istoty

  10. Damn, this has been the most bad ass Cold Steel video I've seen. Wasn't expecting the crazy knife slicing attack lol

  11. what beautiful blades. Their shape really does look nice, that along with its functionality make those my next purchase from CS

  12. Do you guys plan to do a limited run of these in a more exotic steel at any point, like you did with the recon Tanto? 

  13. XHP these cold steel!

  14. dat gauntlet tho so BA

  15. Do you use hex nuts or spax nuts for the folding knives?

  16. They got the Mexican guy to do the most dangerous part of bashing the spine on the table. 

  17. that paper cutting…

  18. Loving the new videos keep it up!!!!!!!!

  19. Yoooooo!! I'm getting me one of those! 

  20. Why do your blades look serrated and then flat in the video? Specially when cutting rope

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