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Cold Steel Pendleton Mini Hunter knife review


  1. @fickfack1000 interesting that you know how imported hookers sound. You must use them often asshole

  2. You Sound like a czech imported hooker.

  3. Great review i also like this knife. ive used it to gut some deer it works awesome and the size is perfect for a small pack knife with many more capability that you have shown here thanks again.. ps you should of shown your own a little more i think your sell yourself little short! just my opinion.

  4. you have to learn how to focus your camaraderie, if you focused this video I would rate it a 10, but since you didn't I give you a F

  5. @duskboy02 Thanks. I think if youre on such a budget, maybe good old mora clipper would be a good choice. They are ugly but boy, they can cut…

  6. @gavkoo yea, this knife is full tang.

  7. @gavkoo dont know for sure but i think its full tang.

  8. @WarzoneMerc but the sheath osnt all that good fro neck carry. you would need nice kydex for good neck carry

  9. @WarzoneMerc yeah, definitely. thank you

  10. Great Review! would this be a good neck knife?

  11. @usmc11able retention was nice and vg-1 i like. very decent rust resistance and easy to resharpen.

  12. thank you gavkoo you have helped me make my mind up – i have the Pendleton hunter and now i will have its little brother -great EDC emergency backup knife – i also have the Pendleton lite hunter -another great knife -inexpensive but a great steak knife -and it also fits into the hunters sheath and locks in well – i still am going to make kydex for these knives

  13. @pipesterNCH i dont think so. these are very small rivets that wouldnt even fit the screws from teklok if i remember correctly…

  14. Are the eyelets spaced so that you can attach a Tek-Lok to the sheath?

  15. @onedeadlybean thanks man. those other blades are esee izula, banchmark backpacker and custom modded mayerco necknife… have reviews on all of them except that custom mayerco

  16. Great video, i think youve sold me on the knife. what were the names of the other knives though, they also looked pretty cool. thanks!

  17. @Luccian22 you're welcome. its a great knfie for small hands like i have

  18. Thank you for this review!

  19. @sae1095hc i know right? even smokey mountain got it wrong 🙂

  20. Seems as if more than half of online retailers selling the Benchmark Backpacker list it as stainless. Expecting stainless and finding carbon will be a rude awakening!

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