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cKc Persian Review – An Outdoor Fighting Knife

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  1. Hi guys and girls…apparently out of some reason unknown to me…I can't reply to comments on this video.
    Thank you Google+!

  2. As im Persian my self this knife is giving me a hardon :-)

  3. I am also a fan of that combination. Large and small knife…
    I wanted to get the Anaconda from TOPS…Really liked that one…but a bit on the expensive side…
    I have the hunters axe from GB…a wildlife hatchet would have suited me more I think!
    I also like to have the Laplander saw…easier to work with than an axe…(requires less experience—and for me that is good!) 🙂

  4. looks cool, Im getting the windlass cobrasteel falcata, makes a good weapon/tool
    I realy want the tops power eagle as a main camp type knife with somthing small like the gerber prodigy for small tasks, I think its always good to have a large knife and a small knife combo, throw in a small axe hachet or tomahawk and a folding saw your good to go

  5. My guess is: a lot! But really, he would be the best person to ask! He only made 4 Persians…so…. Check out knivesandstuff! Great guy and he makes great knives.

  6. I got this one as a present from Kyley! I dared not ask!

  7. It does not have the mass that yours has, but it surely is a great chopper and an all around good camp knife!

  8. MrLeonidas0001 "Tactical Adventure Lifestyle"

    Man you are making my Armageddon look bad! Lol, great blade and really nice sheath with it as well!

  9. lol.. that was for Reece.. I gave him my Fallkniven A1.

  10. What's "the Fallkniven"?

  11. oh noes!!
    you weren't supposed to lol
    and thanks 😀 much love from me (no homo) 😉

  12. LoL.. I'm Reading this.. haha..
    ps.. I posted the Fallkniven today

  13. Cool, I'm looking forward to your sharpening vid.

  14. Oh my… I didn't get the "Spartan – Sparta – 300" thing, because I was thinking of the Demolition Man all the time. Sly "John Spartan" Stallone vs. Wesley Snipes. Maybe it was 2 early 4 me! 😀

    Aachen is really a good place to live. Lots of history, many old buildings, nature, Netherlands and Belgium within 6 or 8 km… Love it!

    I do not just consider it impressive, it IS! I have spent the last years intensely with language acquisition and teaching language and literature! You're a "one of"!!

  15. Thank you! It is a great knife. I can't wait to see your new big knife!

  16. I hope nobody will want to fight me… I am actually a quite peace loving Spartan! :))
    I wanted to give my honest true opinion about it and back it up with some footage.
    A good comparison! It does feel like a race horse… Strong, yet fast….
    Thank you!

  17. No worries…I can take a joke….I was just saying that Persians and Spartans…
    So a Spartan owning a Persian…that is quite funny…I was just making a joke to keep it going.
    The fact that you consider my story impressive is quite the compliment for me.
    Thank you.
    I have a friend who lived in Aachen… He said it was quite a nice place to grow up!
    Have a great day…Maybe you'll get sun on the weekend…

  18. Yeah, you're so right… You should call it whatever you feel like calling it! I was just kiddin'! 😉

    When I saw your videos some time ago (before having subscribed to your channel and getting into all that bushcraft-stuff) I really thought you were German living and working in America(your accent – mine is so very British). Bit by bit I learned about your story. Pretty impressive, mate! And I'm sure I'm not the only one thinking that! 😉

    Greetings from very rainy Aachen, Germany!


  19. It does not spin in the hand at all…No matter the angle you hit at. If it does spin it means my grip was very loose. Trust me, the handle is perfect! I will do a clip on the handle to show you.
    Also I will do a sharpening video if you want me to…maybe I get to it this week…

  20. :))
    It is a big knife….I guess you could easily call it a sword…but lighter and easier to handle…
    Thanks for the smile!

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