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Bushcraft Knife Review of ESEE 5 (RAT RC-5 SERE)

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  1. Stop leaning over sticks like that its for your own safety it is a good way to get your self killed or stuck in the guts.

  2. It's ESEE you fool! NOT E.S.E.E… pronounced S.E! good grief, plus why the hell would you move to Spain????

  3. LVI BushcraftandSurvival

    I think just a little touching up on the edge would make it feather sticks like crazy. Of the ESEE knives, the 5 would be my choice overall. I have a Junglas, but I don't use it much. About your bow drill technique- Start out with pressure, and keep the pressure on until you see smoke… Once you start seeing smoke, ease up on the pressure and increase the speed. That will get you an ember. You're heading in the right direction, just get out of Spain so you can be comfortable with your knives 🙂

  4. it's the one ESEE i own and have not yet found a use for. to heavy for me to pack out in the woods. what was i thinking ! ahaha i hate being a knife addict sometimes. ESEE got the best of me. she will stay in my glove box untill im man enough to pack it into the hills with me haha

  5. Check out Kroda from Ukraine, they are an amazing black metal band which incorporate some awesome flute playing, a bit like this song here. I recommend the following albums, Cry to me River, Fimbulwinter and the split album with Velimor. Other bands to checkout are FolkEarth, Folkvang, Slavland, Nockturnal Mortem, Triglav, Svarga etc. Sorry i can't help with this particular song, but the bands i mentioned are worth checking out if you like this sort of Folk Metal. Many bands from Easten Europe.

  6. Very good review, thanks for the info!

  7. Just wanted to say great review! I just picked up the Esee 5 and I have to say I agree with you on almost all your points. I think its a great splitter but have a hard time seeing it doing fine camp work.

  8. did you have problems with rust so far?

  9. Wow, you live in Spain!

  10. Eminem is that you?

  11. 2 things I did to help my esee 5 being more of a one tool option was removing the coating and acid staining it, as well as doing a high convexing on the edge like virtuovice. It basically took 2 days but well worth it and it was my first time convexing.

  12. You should try the ESEE 6…imho, a much better bushcraft knife than the 5

  13. cheyenne williams


  14. cheyenne williams

    i think its a band called waylander

  15. yea but i bet you was HARDCORE marching band im ex highschool JROTC myself ……..hardcore lol

  16. song?

  17. Korpiklaani – Voice Of Wilderness – Pine Woods
    I found it by using Midomi and playing the video through my headphones into my built-in mic.

  18. DontTreadOnME201

    Damn, I need to find this song. I keep trying to look for it with NO information lol. I'm just typing stupid stuff like flute metal. i have no idea how to look for it, if some one can help me out please please help. thanks.

  19. review thumbs up ;-))

  20. Good review!

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