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Browning Hog Hunter Knife Review


  1. I just bought a new one on close-out for 25$ at Academy. 
    Now that I've opened the box and handled it a bit, I'm going to get whatever they have left. 

  2. It's a nice blade shape and everything but I'm not spending seventy dollars on a 440 stainless knife.

  3. SharpStuffau dwayne

    hi mate i just seen this and your other comment for a follow up video, if you have a look at my other videos there is a few in there.

    as for the steel it holds a polished edge nice, good for shaving, working with food.should baton ok with the full tang but ive not tried it on this knife.
    batoning and field work i think a 22-25 degree angle with a toothy edge 600-800 stone and stropped on leather would give you a good field edge.
    hope this helps.

  4. SharpStuffau dwayne

    hi mate thanks for the sub. the blank was $25 posted.

  5. SharpStuffau dwayne

    hi mate thanks , it should look good with the handles i got some lava flow kirinite coming.
    the blank was $25 posted.

  6. Nice video, subscribed! How much was the blank

  7. AussieKnivesAndStuff

    I missed this video in my feed when you posted it, just found it today.
    Very very nice work, looking forward to part 2.
    How much was the knife blank?

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