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$7 Dollar Hunting Knife and Striker Rod review (HD)


  1. I bought something similar, full-tang, jimping, paracord handle and with a fire steel for about the same price, I think the company is called Anglo-Arms.

    It's a great sturdy little knife. More than happy with it.

  2. I picked up one of these knives for $13 Canadian.  I occasionally go fishing and hiking, and this would be a great little idea to add to a bag.

    I bought this knife for practice with sharpening and honing blades without ruining stuff.

  3. It's a really great deal. Knife and fire starter for about 7 bucks. Sometimes cheaper. Great for a fire kit or whatnot.

  4. Michel Linschoten

    7:34 That is not a saw, it's called gimping, it provides a thumb rest and grip so you can put pressure on the blade when using it.

  5. Michel Linschoten

    i seen that one so many times come by, and i ignored it each and every time. And i will keep ignoring

  6. Wish I could do a video like that

  7. I just won one of these (well, something identical) in a giveaway.  I read some of the comments about it on Amazon (actually, as I normally do, I read the 1-star comments, just for giggles), as well.  I see it as an addition to a fire kit.  I got it to throw sparks VERY well and was able to light a couple pieces of cotton.  Is it the best?  Probably not.  Is the price right?  Well, I'm thinking about getting another one or two.

  8. L.l.g can u buy me one of those?

  9. I think that you have a very interesting viewpoint on knives so keep up what your doing

  10. What of i put the dollar bill on fire

  11. Opal Preston Shirley

    Take a look at the 11" model. See what you think. Thanks for the video

  12. marco arguerdas

    hey did you made a video o how to wrap it

  13. Bought three of these..
    They dropped down to $4.80 with free shipping..
    Not too bad..especially for a full tang beater knife.. 🙂

  14. bone braker.

  15. 7 inch for butt of knive to tip of knive

  16. The divots in the back of the blade are called jimping, and they are there to give better control when you choke up on your knife for fine work.

  17. LOL I'm on it! Give me until tomorrow!

  18. Amazon Rocks….

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