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19 Different Neck Knives


  1. boomshaka baca

    not a fan of the hawk bill knives or claw shaped blades…they seem pointless to me other than to try and look cool, whick they dont. but opinions are like assholes, everybodies got one

  2. Stiletto's Edged Hunting, Fishing, Camping, Tactical, & EDC Tools & Weapons Page

    A lot of choices…  :)

  3. I like the Izula the best.

  4. Damn.. All those, and no Smith&Wesson HRT3 dagger
    (:^( I've carried it for years and I've given away 8 of them to friends and family cuz they fell in love with it. Now I keep 3 incase I need to donate another. It's a VERY sturdy non flexing knife. 

  5. jean-marie Renard

    beaucoup de "merdes"!!!

  6. Jack The City Kid

    Geez, dude. My only carry knives are the okc spec plus foldern (utility), the boker magnum lil friend (concealed), and if I need a hunting/fighting knife: the okc spec plus fighter.

  7. Thanks for the feedback man, best knife reviewer on youtube, in my opinion. You know, I looked over on other sites looking for that hawk bill crkt, can't find it, my favorite neck knife. Looks to be the most useful of the lot you presented.

  8. bought a mini tac because of this video…

  9. best neck knife for me after testing some…. CRKT S.P.E.W 

  10. I have the S&W which is nice but my fav is the 'Talon'.

  11. cool collection

  12. i have 1

  13. Your missing the best neck knife called the necker made by survive knives. They are coming out with their new necker 2. Worth checking out. Their steel is the 390. One of the best. 

  14. Very nice my friend but where is the CRKT Spew? It's a good little knife I edc regularly and my feelings are a bit hurt that you didn't deem it worthy to be part of your collection. :-P

  15. Cute dog!

  16. how is this against the gerber compact fixed blade (neck) knife

  17. Charles Larson

    How would you rate this against the Schrade 35?

  18. Cool price for a knife like that

  19. jajebiewpizdujebana

    Been using it since march 2014, still rocking strong, in my opinion perfect design, not a fan of a hollow grind but still it works awesome, would love to have one made in a better steel. Handle is just fenomenal, and the sheath is good.

  20. just got my schf16 today and already cut myself with it.  Very sharp out of the box.  Thanks for suggesting this knife.

  21. Awesome knife, I wear m8ne with adjustable slip knots for my neck and belt. Sparks great with a ferro rod without chipping the paint. I did round smooth out the pummel with a dremmel o it wouldn't poke my abdomen. 

  22. currently $16 on Amazon.  Hard to beat that price – had to get one.

  23. first I would voulgerly point out first blueing on a knife is over rated and the hand is to short also having a longer curve on a knovf cuts into sharping time im would not approve it

  24. A bit too heavy and thick for a neck knife, don't you think?

  25. I bought one and couldn't be happier with it!  It came shaving sharp outta the box.  The only issue I had was that the kydex sheath.  There was a little too much rattle for my taste. Otherwise everything you said was my experience also. One of the best "in hand" feels of any knife I own and I have XL hands.

  26. hey bro, do u think I can take the handle slabs off, put a paracord wrap on that tang and still have it fit snugly in the sheath? I'd prob have to re-mold the kydex.

    I bought 4 of these for use in my TIB's[Terrorist Interdiction Bags]. I really don't go for neck knives, but for a quick deployment…Anyway, for belt use, the 'Large' Tek-Lok fits the sheath perfectly.

  28. I'm just wondering how it is going to fit my hands, my hands are a wee bit larger than yours, my pinkie is about the size of your middle finger.  

  29. Great review! I love my F16!

  30. Very good review; thanks for doing such a good job and sharing this.

  31. iam buying one of those,,,,,just ordered one on amazon,,just what ive been looking for  thanks

  32. MasterK9Trainer

    I am trying to decide on an order and might buy this, but if I may impose on you I need an answer/opinion. Would you prefer the 8Cr13Mov to AUS-8 steel. I have the chance to buy the Kershaw Bear Hunter and Antelope Hunter knives in either steels. It's my intent to use one as a Mora substitute.

  33. MasterK9Trainer

    It reminds me of the Gerber Compact, but it's cheaper. I plan to buy a neck knife sometime, but the tiniest models have tiny handles and while I have good dexterity I need more handle length for my large hands. Very good video as usual.

  34. GREAT vids too man, Thanks!

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